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The Bengal Cat Club is affiliated to The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and promotes the welfare and well-being of Bengal Cats in the U.K.

The Bengal Cat Club was founded in 1993 to cater exclusively for the Bengal Cat and became affiliated to the GCCF in October 1996. By the end of 1998, we had over 300 members. Each member agrees to adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct and to the GCCF Code of Ethics that all affiliated clubs have agreed to accept. The Club played a key role in the successful application for Preliminary recognition of the breed by the GCCF that was granted in June 1997.

The Bengal Cat Club was formed to offer advice and assistance to club members and owners on the welfare and breeding of Bengal Cats. The Bengal breed was introduced into the UK in the early 1990s and has quickly gained huge popularity because of the excellent temperament and unique nature of the breed. A regional list of Bengal breeders who are members of the Club is available on request.

As a Club that is affiliated to the GCCF, we have representative delegates to attend GCCF Council Meetings on behalf of the Club. There is also a Bengal Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) which is responsible for advising the GCCF on all matters concerning the Bengal breed, including the nomination of judges of the Bengal breed, and applications for promotion and progression of the breed. Each of the affiliated Bengal Clubs has 5 representatives on the BAC and there is an independent Chairman and Secretary.

At the June 2000 meeting of the BAC, it was agreed to apply for the promotion to Provisional status of the Brown (Black)Spotted Bengals. This was granted, and from June 2002, they were able to compete for Intermediate Certificates. Now, after a successful application for Championship Status, Brown (Black) Spotted Bengals have been able to compete for Challenge Certificates since 1st June 2006. During 2002, further applications were made for the promotion of the Brown Marbled Bengal, and the Snow Spotted (Blue Eyed and AOC Eyed) Bengal. Once again, due in no small part to the hard work of the Breed Recorder, the promotions were gained and they have been competing for Intermediate Certificates from June 2003. Currently we are hopeful to have these two groups promoted to Championship status in the near future.

Application for promotion to Provisional recognition by the GCCF requires, among other conditions, records of at least 15 Bengals of the relevant coat colour and pattern that have been awarded a minimum of 4 merits from 4 different judges, including not more than 2 kitten Merits. We still need more records for Snow Marbled (Blue Eyed and AOC Eyed) Bengals.

Even though the other colours have gained Provisional recognition, the hard work hasnt stopped. It takes even more records of qualified cats with at least 3 Intermediate Certificates each from three different judges to get promoted to Championship status! Please keep sending those records in to Frances. The Club offers a special rosette for each members Bengal awarded 4 qualifying Merits or 3 qualifying Intermediate Certificates and also one for winners of Bengal Cat Club classes.

The last few years have seen a growing interest in Silver Bengals as a new colour. As a result of the significant interest, the Bengal Cat Club Committee will be working through the Breed Advisory Committee to draw up proposals that hopefully will see Silver Bengals added as a new colour to the existing breed.

If you have a Bengal, or hope to own one, or simply wish to support the promotion of these stunning cats, join The BENGAL CAT CLUB. Fill in an application form which you can find on the

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