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The Bengal Cat Club is affiliated to The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and promotes the welfare and well-being of Bengal Cats in the U.K.

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Updated Sept 2016

Felissima Felines- Caroline Raby

2 Kittens Available

Two beautifully rosetted male kittens available from this litter born on 25th May. These boys are very sociable and confident, they have been brought up with other cats, dogs, and a lot of people around. Dad is Barrie and Rosie Alger-Street’s fabulous Grand Champion Typhast Krakatau.


The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/
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So You Want To Buy A Kitten

We do hope that one of our breeder members will be able to help you find just what you are looking for.

However, a word of caution to all prospective new owners. Buying a kitten as a family pet is a big commitment that should not be rushed into. Take time to think about the undertaking and is a particular kitten right for your circumstances? Do not allow yourself to be swept along on a tide of emotion, only to realise later that you made a mistake. A new kitten can be a wonderful addition to the family and that is just what it should be, so take time to think whether this is the right kitten for you.

Good breeders should be patient and understanding in answering all of your many questions, but remember they have concerns as well. Having spent time and love in raising their kittens they will want to be re-assured about their future. Choosing the right kitten for you should also involve the breeder, who has known the kittens since birth and can tell you all about their individual ways.

Do not assume that because any particular breeder advertises on our club kitten list, that this is a stamp of approval by the Club. It is not, it only means that the person is a member of this Club.

In all cases assure yourself that the kitten you are purchasing is the kitten that you actually want, not that you feel sorry for it as it is hiding away from the others. It should appear healthy in all respects and be fully vaccinated.

GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) guidelines say that a kitten should not leave home under 13 weeks of age and that it should be fully vaccinated for at least Cat Flu and Enteritis. However, you will find that some breeders also vaccinate for Feline Leukaemia and Chlamydia, and although desirable to give the kitten all the protection it can have, this is not mandatory. As a Club we also recommend that kittens be micro chipped. Some breeders do this before the kitten leaves their premises and include it in the cost of the kitten. Others are prepared to get their Vet to do it when administering the second injection if you are willing to pay for it. If this hasn’t been done, we would strongly recommend that you get it done when registering the kitten with your local vet. If your kitten goes missing for any reason, there is a good chance of getting it back if it is micro chipped, which sadly is highly unlikely if it has no identification.

One point that unfortunately should be mentioned. More and more children are showing signs of allergies to animals. Fortunately Bengals have a short close coat which does not seem to cause as much reaction as long-haired cats. However, it is wise to visit a multi-cat household with the family before making any commitment, and see how everyone reacts. It is far better to know if there is going to be a problem, before making a decision, rather than tearful children parting with a pet they have grown to love.

If there is no-one at home during the day, we do not suggest that you shouldn’t have a Bengal. However, we do suggest you have two to keep each other company and do keep them in whilst you are at work. One of the attractions of the breed is their sociability They just love company and are very inter-active companions. So, if they do not have company, they will try and keep themselves amused, which unfortunately is not always in our best interests! Also, as just mentioned, It is not advisable to let them have freedom whilst you are away. If they manage to survive the road, (and they do not have very good road sense), they are likely to find a cat flap where there are people at home and move in! We would suggest you look into ways of containing your cat(s) within a safe area. There are many ways of doing this, allowing your cats some freedom and giving you peace of mind whilst they are out. It is excellent, and really does work and saves so much heartbreak and worry. Your cats can be free and safe and you have peace of mind whilst they are out.

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