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The Bengal Cat Club is affiliated to The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and promotes the welfare and well-being of Bengal Cats in the U.K.

The Kitten Register

Please Note:: If you wish to join The Bengal Cat Club Kitten Register, you may do so by emailing our webmaster with as many details as you wish to place on your kitten advert. Please note however, you must already be a member of the Bengal Cat Club to use the service.

You may join the cat club by contacting the New Members Secretary whose details can be found on The Committee Page or by using the join page on the website,

Guidelines For Breeder Members Wishing To Place Kittens On The Register:-

1. Have you sent your one-off £25.00 Kitten Register registration fee to the
on The Committee Page

2. Is your membership in date?

3. All kittens advertised must be current Bengal kittens available for purchase.

4. Photographs must also be of current available Bengal kittens.

5. Descriptions must be brief and factual with no superlatives.

6. Listings will remain posted for 2 months unless you remove them before. If you want your advert to remain then you MUST let us know 1 week before the deletion date.

8. If you still have kittens and wish to re-post them after the initial six weeks you may do so, but only one entry at a time please.

Please send your advert via email to include the following:

1. Your Name and Breed Prefix

2. Your contact details, Telephone, Email, Area and Website if applicable

3. Number of Kittens available including details such as colours, sex, etc, DOB, Homing Date and any other relevant info.

4. Attach any photo's in .jpg format, each photo MUST be renamed individually so they can be identified (ie do not just send images named image.jpg)

5. If you have videos of the kittens DO NOT send the video, please post this using an online video website such as Youtube and then send a link to the video in your email.

6. Please email your advert to gw@animalwebsites.co.uk with the subject
"Bengal Club Kitten Advert"


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