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The Bengal Cat Club is affiliated to The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and promotes the welfare and well-being of Bengal Cats in the U.K.

Cats in need of loving adoptive homes.

This Club has always been strong on welfare and the new Welfare and Lost and Found Section should help speed the process of caring for the cats that need re-homing and re-uniting any lost Bengals that come into the system.

We also have a list of Adult Bengals looking for new homes, so before you decide to purchase a kitten maybe you could consider giving an Adult a second chance of a loving safe home.

Why not have a look now at some of the Bengals who are looking for loving homes by clicking here.

Whilst we are on the subject of lost and found in particular, if you own a Bengal or any other breed of cat, do make sure that they are microchipped. We have had far too many lost Bengals that are clearly well cared for and obviously much loved, only to be unable to re-unite them with their owners because they are not chipped.

If you have a welfare issue such as trying to find a new home for your cat, or have lost or found a Bengal, please contact Tracy Wilkinson via email at oobaloubengals@hotmail.com

When you send your email, please remember to include the following:

1) Your Name and Contact Details Phone Number (home or mobile) and Email Address
(these will be shown on the site)

2) Your area (not full address) and if you need the cat to be collected or if are able to deliver the cat to a different location. (ie happy to discuss petrol costs or travel if needed.

3) Name, Age and Colour of the cats you wish to rehome

4) Please provide some information about your cat, their personality and state if there are any
     conditions such as "children friendly", "does not mix with other cats or animals" etc.

5) If you wish to submit some photo's please only email .jpeg format images and remember to name
     each image if you have more than one cat to advertise.

6) If you want to provide a video, then please upload your movie to YouTube and provide a link (we will NOT be able to post video direct from our site so links ONLY)


If you are looking to find a home for your bengal, we advise that you take care when answering potential rehoming clients. Take a look at this example one of our advertisers sent to us after she advertised she needed a new home for her bengal.

"Last weekend I received a call from someone who appeared at first to be a genuine person looking to re home the cat's.
Our own research into his address and the photo's he sent me revealed that he had actually sent me photo's of his neighbours back garden, he then became very pushy over emails in wanting to come down and take the cats straight away.

This has spooked me somewhat if we hadn't been so vigilant using google maps to look at the road where he lived, which confirmed the fact that he wasn't being truful with us, the cat could have ended up anywhere! "

Therefore please be careful who you rehome your cats too, check google for their name, and use google (or any other map system) to check their address.

Remember a genuine cat lover will not mind you asking lots of questions.

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