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The Bengal Cat Club is affiliated to The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and promotes the welfare and well-being of Bengal Cats in the U.K.

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We Have 11 Cats waiting for you to take them home

We have Rehomed over 200 Cats Since 2012 you can see some of them here

If you are interested in re-homing a bengal please reply directly to the contact listed with each advert.

If you have a cat to rehome, please read our Welfare News page for more
information and contact details.



The following cats Have Now Found new homes

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The following cats have found new homes and we would like to
say a big thank you to those who made this possible.

If you are interested in re-homing a bengal please reply directly to the contact listed with each advert.

If you have a cat to rehome, please read our Welfare News page for more
      information and contact details.

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Updated on Sun 08 Jan: 19:27

We Have 11 Cats waiting for you to take them home

We have Rehomed over 200 Cats Since 2012 you can see some of them here

If you are interested in re-homing a bengal please reply directly to the contact listed with each advert.

If you have a cat to rehome, please read our Welfare News page for more
information and contact details.



The cats listed below are currently looking for new homes

If you are interested in re-homing a bengal please reply directly to the contact listed with each advert.

If you have a cat to rehome, please read our Welfare News page for more
      information and contact details.

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squibbs from southampton

We are searching for a new loving home for our Bengal cat Squibbles AKA Squibbs. She is a very loving, gentle and playful cat who loves lots of attention.

Having recently adopted her we were told she would suit a home with another cat to keep her company during the day however she is not comfortable around our other adult cat. Our home unfortunately does not meet her needs and we feel she would be much happier and it is for her good that she goes to a new home where her owners are around more often (as we both work full time).

She is 13 months old (born in September 2015) and is a full Pedigree cat. She is a Corsican brown marbled Bengal and we hold her pedigree certificate.

She is GCCF Registered. She is fully litter trained, neutered, microchipped and up to date with her jabs, flea and worming. Please bare in mind she will need a home with no other cats and preferably no young children. she will be fine with older children who will not be rough with her when playing.

She has lots of toys, bedding, a litter tray and cat climbing furniture that will go to her new loving home.


The bengal cat club website

Family of Bengals 2 Sister and 1 brother !!

The Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/Three adorable Bengal cats for rehoming.

Two sisters (Riri and Minttu) and a boy (Mika (Pic Right)). I would like all three to go to the same home as they are very close and have grown up together.

They are all approximately 18 months old and have each been neutered and microchipped as well as the required vaccinations. They were fed on a raw diet for their formative months but are now comfortable eating Royal Canin Persian Adult dry food.

The Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/All three cats have had the run of the house and garden (cat flap) and are used to young children as they have lived in a house with 6 year old twins! We have had no problems with aggression or behaviour beyond occasional peeing, which seems to have stopped now that the cats choose to go outside.

Minttu(left) and Riri (below)are quite timid so I would not describe them as lap cats but they do like to be stroked and have boundless energy for gamesThe Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/.

Mika is more like a dog and is hugely affectionate. He would happily sit and be stroked all day and is quite vocal about his needs! The cats have shared the house on occasions with my parents spaniel without a huge amount of drama.

The girls were quite scared initially but became braver after 24 hours. Mika was far less concerned but I wouldn’t advise on them going to a house with a dog unless there was room for all.

It's very important the cats go to a loving home, with the space for them to enjoy an adventurous life.

REHOMED oct 2016.

The bengal cat club website

freddie from birmingham

Freddie - Snow mink male Bengal kitten (8 months):

Unfortunately, Freddie needs to be re-homed due to allergies. He is a very lively, playful, vocal and affectionate kitten with a massive character and he will be sadly missed.

He loves his tree, anything with feathers and has recently developed a habit for fetching/collecting sticks! There is plenty more to tell so please ask anything, if you would like to know more

Like many other male Bengals, Freddie is quite dominant. An ideal home would include plenty of outdoor space (this is a must), no young children, no other pets but plenty of activity, love and attention. Someone who has experience with Bengals would be perfect.

Freddie is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and fully litter trained.

Please contact () for info. Please include details of your family, home, other pets and location. We want to make sure Freddie will be properly cared for. We live in Birmingham but will be happy to travel for the right home. We want him to be homed with a genuine cat lover, so we are likely to have lots of questions .

REHOMED oct 2016.

The bengal cat club website

tyson and roxy bengals

The Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/Tyson and Roxy are 5 yrs old brown spotted spayed and neutered male and female.

Tyson has a lovely temperament typical male cat loves to sleep and will definitely wait for an invitation to come and come in his own time! Although larger of the two cats, the most timid and loving.

Roxy female is very mischievous! more active and definitely follows around and loves exploring! Again lovely temperament, will investigate everything! She was the runt of the litter and has always remained smaller of the two - but don't be deceived as she is definitely the boss of the two.

The Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/


They are not lap cats - more inquisitive mischievous animals who love playing for hours with a feather attached to a string and exploring EVERYTHING! Their owners are looking for a forever indoor home were these guys (must go together) will be given the love and attention they deserve.



REHOMED oct 2016.
The bengal cat club website

Jake needs sole attention

Jake is a Bengal silver rosetted, green eyes, male, age 6 (born May 2010)

My partner and I are thinking about rehoming Jake as he cant be fully trusted with our 9 month old daughter. He is lovely. Loves his cuddles and attention, attention we can't give though. He is very dominant and can lash out during playtime again something which is risky with young children.He needs a home without pets or children and where he can go outside. We want to give Jake a loving home where he is centre of attention please.We aren't 100% sure yet with our decision, but if we find the right person/couple we will do it.

Jake is lovely, loves his cuddles and has to be centre of attention. He will lay on your lap whenever and wherever you sit down. He loves his games and is always up for playing. He is very chatty and will talk back to you. I have been with him since birth and so this decision will not be taken lightly for us.


We have to find him the right home. One without young children or other pets as he is quite dominant. He has been known to scratch and sometimes bite when playing. He is an outdoor cat, he is neutered and is microchipped. We are very sad on our decision but believe it is right for Jake and our family.

We would like to meet the person/couple and know where they live

REHOMED oct 2016.

The bengal cat club website


The gorgeous Ollie is looking for a special home, I have been fostering him on behalf of Fareham and Waterlooville Cats Protectoion . Ollie is a six year old Bengal. He is an absolute sweety. He loves attention and is a lap cat. He has been great company when I have worked from home, curling up next to the computer. He is happy wearing a harness but believes it beneath him to play fetch

Unfortunately Ollie really does not like other cats, that's the reason he ran away from his home so he needs to be an only cat. When Ollie was picked up he was emaciated and in a very sorry state. The Vets diagnosed him with auto immune heamolytic anaemia, basically his immune system attacked his blood cells. He has had high dose steroids, his immune systems has responded nicely and we have been weaning his steroids and his blood counts are good. He will not be ready to go until he has been off his steroids for two weeks and he has been vaccinated. Although there is a chance he could relapse, the vet thinks he would he relapsed already. His teeth are good as they were checked by the vet.

Ollie needs to go to a indoor only or access to a cat proof garden home as we are concerned if he felt threatened by another cat he would stray again. .

REHOMED oct 2016

The bengal cat club website

Toots near Tewksbury

Toots is a 3yr old female Bengal

She is neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. She is used to other animals but does not get on with dogs.

She loves children and sleeps on their bed if she can,. She lives both indoors and outdoors, loves hunting, stalking and sleeping on walls or bushes.

She loves her food and plays with bottle tops, loves climbing in boxes, baskets or bathtubs! She is quite dog like and follows you outside and runs to see you.

She would need a good size garden and people around her. We have to re home her as she and the dog don't get on and my child has developed an allergic reaction to her.

We live near Tewksbury. Please contact Emily on 07894663106 if you can offer her a nice home.

REHOMED oct 2016

The bengal cat club website

rocky from watford

Sadly,we are looking for a loving home for our 5 year old Bengal Rocky

We are looking to rehome him because a new cat has recently moved into the neighbourhood and he has become very territorial and began to fight which has caused a few issues.

He is a very loving cat but does need his own space to roam freely.He is very affectionate, great company and loves a good lap to curl up in! He is vaccinated,neutered and microchipped.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


REHOMED oct 2016
The bengal cat club website

Esmeralda from Shropshire

5 year old neutered female pedigree bengal in Shropshire

Brown Spotted Bengal Queen Stunning Emerald Eyes

A heartbreaking decision but due to a change in my circumstances I have no choice but to put my own feelings aside and rehome my 5 year old pedigree bengal Esmeralda for her own happiness and wellbeing.

She came to me aged 2 years, vaccinated, spayed and with her pedigree certificate. I have since taken her to an annual health with my veterinary practice and she has never had any health problems during the 3 years she's been in my care. She has been regularly flea treated. I have not kept up her vaccinations, as she has lived indoors and not had any contact with other animals or cause to stay in a cattery.

Esme has a sweet, gentle and loving temperament. As with most Bengals she is very attentive and affectionate, loving nothing more than a warm lap, strokes and cuddles. She is initially shy and a tad cautious with those unknown to her, however, she very quickly gains in confidence. Esme is a very easygoing cat, with no bad habits or antisocial behaviours. She is untested around dogs and ideally I think she would enjoy being the only adult cat in the household.

She has always lived as an indoor cat and has been contented, but I'm very sure given the chance she would also enjoy access to a garden, provided it was situated far from a main road. She always uses a litter tray and is impeccably housetrained, it has been a great relief to me that she has left all my soft furnishings intact!


Esme comes with her pedigree certificate, 2 beds, a blanket, a scratching post, assorted toys, litter tray/scoops, cat carrier and whatever food/litter I have in stock on her departure.

REHOMED oct 2016

The bengal cat club website

Monty and winston - brothers in paws

Monty and Winston are 3 year old brothers who must stay together.

They were bred at sonnenblume Buckinghamshire and are F4 Bengals. They are TICA registered with certificates and are microchipped. They are up to date with worming, flea treatment and were innoculated march this year.

Monty and Winston are very close as brothers and have never spent time apart, they've never encountered other animals other than a recent stay in a cattery ( it didn't go too well) The boys are great with older children but run at the sight of a smaller person.

They can be extremely affectionate and are surprisingly not very vocal for Bengals. They are indoor cats happy to venture into their outdoor enclosure several times a day to watch the birds, they have a catflap straight from the conservatory for unlimited access.

Their diet is royal canin biscuits, Purina one biscuits, Felix as good as it looks pouches twice a day, they love treats and will happily feed from your hand.

They have several litter trays hidden around the house but on occasions I've found Winston weeing on the toilet!!!

REHOMED sept 2016

The bengal cat club website


Benji is 15 months old, a silver marble Bengal who will make a perfect companion to the right person. He is very playful and vocal as are all Bengals. He is very gentle with me and my 10yr old daughter and loves a cuddle in an evening.

We are based in north Suffolk but happy to discuss petrol costs or travel is required to find this chap the right home. He will come with his favourite toys!! Sadly I was told he was OK with other cats but he is scaring mine and so I need to find him a better home as I am unable to mix them and this means he is shut in most of the time which is not good for him.

He will make a great friend to someone, he is not destructive when left and has no major problems apart from needing to be an only cat. He was neutered around middle of June 2016.



The bengal cat club website


I am looking for a loving home for my male bengal Lenny who is nearly a year old. He is lots of fun, very vocal, very affectionate (will always find your lap) and a real character who would make a great companion for the right person.

Unfortunately he does not get on with my female bengal who is four. He would need to be rehomed with someone who has lots of time to devote to him and feel he could live with other cats if they are assertive and not easily taken advantage of.


He is mainly an indoor cat with an outdoor enclosure and would need to find a home where the arrangement is similar.

He is an F4, TICA registered, microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.

The bengal cat club website

SULTAN of surrey

Sutan is 11 years old, fully vacinated, micro-chipped. Regrettably due to family circumstances, we are looking for a loving new home for our much loved family pet Sultan.

Sultan has been in our family for over 10 years, in good health, is good natured with an excellent temperament and great around children of all ages. Sultan is a real lap cat and full of character, very affectionate and enjoys lots of cuddles on the sofa. Sultan gets on well with other cats and has been exposed to dogs in the past and feels comfortable around them if there is no direct threat from the dog.

Sultan enjoys the comfort of being indoors and likes to be outside for exploring his surroundings and exercise – he will use a cat flap or happily wait to be let outside if a cat flap is not available.

Sultan is toilet trained and will happily use a litter tray or go outside if needed. He has been the perfect companion and we are very sad to part with him.

We are not expecting payment, but looking for Sultan to be rehomed where he will continue to receive the love and attention he deserves as precedence. He would be the perfect companion to anyone who adores Bengal’s as much as we do.


The bengal cat club website


Luna is a 4 year old silver Bengal

Luna is neutered she is not fully vaccinated as she has never been outside but im sure she would love the freedom of a garden She is micro chipped but I have no idea if she is good with other cats or dogs. Luna is a loving vocal cat and would make a perfect companion for someone living alone as she loves company.

She will follow you from room to room and enjoys being a lap cat and talking to you .like most Bengals ,she is shy and nervous but overcomes this when in your company .

Due to work commitments I am spending more and more time away leaving her by herself for too many hours.


The bengal cat club website

3 girls need a new home

Through no fault of their own, these 3 Brown Spotted girls are looking for a new home. Ideally I would love for them to go together.

Ava could go on her own, but Ertha and Star must stay together as they have never been apart. They have never been outside, so an indoor home would be preferable. They are not to be rehomed where there are other cats or dogs or where there are children under 12 years of age. They all like to come to YOU for attention.

Ertha is 12 years old and is the mother to Star and Ava. Ertha is very outgoing and very chatty. Star is a little shy, so needs her mum for confidence.

Ava can be a bit cheeky, bossy at times and rather talkative. I would like a nominal donation and where possible I would like to do a homecheck.

If you think you could offer a home and comfy sofa for these lovely Bengals, please do give me a call. I am based in (close to the M25) Please call Sonia on or


The bengal cat club website

New home needed for DEmi

Demi (Lady Demeter) is a four year old neutered female, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

She is a much-loved family pet but unfortunately had become aggressive towards her sister and territorial; the breeder has recommended we separate them and rehouse her in a pet free home.

Demi has a big personality and loves to play - my son has taught her to fetch when you throw her toys - outside in the garden and climbing trees. She is equally at home snuggled up on the sofa being stroked. We are very sorry to have to part with her.


The bengal cat club website

buda and bali.

Unfortunately and with great reluctance due to family circumstances we need to seek rehoming for two beautiful, affectionate 8 year old F4 spayed Bengal females. Buda is spotted, Bali other marbled.

Both are very affectionate, they are very affectionate, not lap cats but will on occasion reward favoured individuals with curling up on them. Both are very active, behaving more like 2 years old than 8. For their first 7 years they were house cats. Whilst Buda would probably happily revert to being a house cat, as she is very much fair weather only when it comes to going outside, Bali would likely be happier being allowed out. We are therefore looking for someone who does not live close to a major road if possible.

They live with us in our family home, with a new baby and a 2 year old toddler. They are naturally cautious with the toddler but do interact with him without issue. They are incredibly gentle and have never once in their 8 years lashed out at anyone, despite provocation.

Both cats are up to date on vaccinations, healthy with no significant injuries or illnesses at any point. They have been fed mostly a raw diet, until a couple of years ago it was primarily whole chicken wings, but they now happily take minced whole chicken. We supplement this with Encore tinned cat food every couple of days, and Applause dried cat food on occasion.

We use a clumping clay litter with them.

Bali(top) is affectionate, loves being brushed, and given a chance will eat most things meat based. She is the more outdoorsy of the two.

Buda(right) is if anything more affectionate than Bali, but hates being brushed to the point she will flatten herself to the floor and crawl away. She is a more picky eater, preferring the chicken to the tinned or dried catfood. She is very much a fair weather cat, often turning around at the door to go back in.

Both cats seem to be fine with strangers, we've had comments from neighbours that they regularly appear at their doors and readily take attention from them.

They have not had any exposure to dogs other than those they run into outdoors, so I don't know how they would react to living with one.

Please note that as a condition of rehoming we would require to see the house where the cats would be homed, we will not consider rehoming to someone who just comes and collects them.


The bengal cat club website

Lulu from buckinghamshire .

Lulu is a pretty and healthy brown spotted Bengal and had her fifth birthday on 26th January.

She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Worming and flea treatment are up to date. She is very active, agile and athletic. On occasions she can seem hyperactive, attacking her scratching post with some ferocity or dashing madly around the kitchen in pursuit of her toy ball.

Like many Bengals she is very vocal, with a range of sounds to fit various circumstances. She is loudest when demanding to be fed or to have a door opened for her. She spends most of her time indoors but after the necessary initial settling-in period she can be allowed outside in an appropriate garden. At present she uses a cat flap; she certainly prefers to go outside to perform her toilet activities even in winter though she does have a litter tray available.

Lulu easily manages to jump four feet into the air to touch a bird-feeder in the garden and loves to climb, both indoors and outdoors. She does not like being picked up but does like to sit on a lap, though only at times of her choosing. She does not get on with other animals (so would be best in a home as the only pet) and I do not think she would be suitable to be with children younger than about 11.

She has a good appetite, happily eating several brands of cat food but her favourite is the chicken I sometimes cook for her.

Unfortunately my wife has become very sensitive to sound and for her Lulu’s voice is a problem. Hence we are reluctantly looking for a new home for her. We are not expecting any payment but would need to be certain that Lulu was going to a loving and suitable home.

I live north of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. I could if necessary travel up to about 50 or 60 miles.


The bengal cat club website


Meet Lilly and Ziko, my two beautiful Bengal cats I am sadly looking for a loving new home together as I am moving abroad.

Lily is a very pretty, small but sprightly eleven year old spayed female who loves cuddles and travelling on people’s shoulders, I always forget to warn visitors! She gets on well with dogs but is a bit nervous around small children.

She likes nothing better to do than lie in any patch of sun she can find in the house or anywhere warm, is particularly fond of our airing cupboard. She can be a bit fussy with food but will eat Whiskas pouches, enjoys a treat of cooked chicken or tuna and occasionally dried food but can be sick with it.

Ziko is a spectacular brown spotted with a gold gleam, 8 year old neutered male. He is very affectionate for a Bengal and loves to curl up on your lap, but always on his terms. He also gets on well with dogs and Lily but will not tolerate my other ‘moggy’ cat, not sure if its snobbery or if doesn’t live well with other cats.

He is not bothered by small children, when my grandchildren start to annoy him he takes himself off upstairs. He is a very intelligent cat, I have had to have a lock fitted on my fridge as he likes to open it and help himself to all meat products and chucks anything else on the floor for the dog! He has also been caught trying to open the oven and microwave if he likes the smell of something cooking.

The Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/

Both of them are house cats and generally amuse themselves, especially with paper and cardboard boxes. I have out in my enclosed garden with me, Ziko is content to stay within the garden but Lily will try to escape. Sadly in today’s world that is not good for a Bengal especially as they have absolutely no road sense. I posted lots of pictures of them on Facebook page and had a lot of interest, but feel they would be better homed with help from a Bengal specialised organisation, especially as we have had a lot of pedigree cats being stolen locally..

I would like to ask £100 donation for them. This purely because I want to make sure the person is genuine. I hope someone is willing to give my cats a home as it breaks my heart to leave them and I couldn’t bare to think of them in a cage.


The bengal cat club website

Chui & coco from derby

The Bengal Cat Club 2015 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/Chui is a 5 years and 8months old brown rosetted bengal male. He is very loving and cuddly. I feel he is more like a dog as he loves attention, affection and to play fetch with his toys.

Coco is a 5 years and 7months old silver spotted female. She likes to be cuddled on her terms (typical female and is very independent :)) she likes to be up high (might climb the curtains) and enjoys chasing bouncy balls and hunting her toys.

I do not want them to be split up as they have spent 5 years together and despite their little scraps they clearly love each other and love to cuddle up together.

They are housecats and I don't think they would survive if they were let out but I do have a cage attached to the house so they can go outside and they do enjoy this!

We are rehoming due to our young son being allergic so they are not able to come into the main part of the house anymore and they need more space than that. However Chui has started spraying since then and coco will urinate on a pile of anything soft if left alone. Also she will jump up at doors and scratch at them if she wants to get through.

Ideally they need a couple or family with older children who have the time, attention and patience for them. They do not do well with other pets and are quite scared of smaller children.

Both have been neutered and microchipped. I can't stress enough how much I want them to go to a good home so I would like to ask for £75 for them to make sure they go to genuine people.


The bengal cat club website

Holly is looking for a new forever home.

Holly is a 5 year old Silver Spotted Bengal.

She has always been very highly strung, vocal & dominant. They have tried their best with her, even getting a second Bengal as a playmate but they fight all the time. They have got to a point where they just can't cope with her any longer. Holly needs someone with a lot of patience & preferably Bengal experience, by the sounds of it probably better with no other cats but she will need a lot of interaction & play to burn off her energy.


She has met a relative's dog but just ran & hid, she lives with children aged 10+ is fine with them as long as they are gentle with her but can be nippy if she's had enough. She is neutered,microchipped & vaccs, flea & worming all up to date.


The bengal cat club website

Panchali from scotland

My elderly father has recently moved in with me due to his health, and it has become clear over the last few months that my girl, Panchali, is making his recuperation more difficult.

Panchali is a three year old snow Bengal and very lively and sweet natured. She is neutered and micro chipped, and has been an indoor cat her whole life. She grew up with other cats and dogs, but she hasn't since met any so I can't say how she would react now.

We live in Perth, Scotland. I'm looking for a home for her where she'll be loved and be able to get the attention a Bengal deserves. She is the most loving and loyal cat I have ever met, and I know she will make the right person very happy.


I don't drive, but am happy to travel bytrain to anywhere in Scotland to make sure she's going to the best home possible. I don't want to make any money from this, but I have to ask for a donation to ensure shes going to someone who truly wants her.



The bengal cat club website

willow and jasmine from bristol

Willow - DOB: 29/03/2013 Marbled Bengal (Male neutered) Fully vaccinated and Microchipped

Jasmine - DOB: 29/03/2013 (both) Rosetted Bengal (Female neutered) Fully vaccinated and Microchipped

Willow is very loving and is a real lap cat, Jasmine is more independent, they have both grown up with our two children and dog so are used to children and other animals, they mainly live indoors but do venture into the garden occasionally.

Both cats are very friendly, We have been experiencing trouble with both cats urinating around the house, and feel that this is due to them being unhappy in their current environment, It has been an incredibly difficult decision to rehome them but I feel they would be happier with someone who can give them more attention in a quieter household.

Location: Bristol - we are prepared to travel depending on distance Descrption: My details :


The bengal cat club website

KHAN - needs a caring understanding home

We need help in rehoming a 3 year old male Bengal Khan. He is a lovely cat but has behaviour problems.

Khan is neutered and micro chipped, but he is not fully vaccinated as he doesn’t like going to the vets. He is used to going outdoors but prefers to spend most of his time in doors

Khan is friendly to adults and children and is a great family pet, however, he is very sensitive and territorial. Khan does not get on with other cats; he may become aggressive to another cat. There should be no other cats or pets in the house or nearby as he may spray to mark his territory.

He is likely to be unfriendly to a dog too, so no other pets at all in his new home please; Khan needs to be the centre of attention. He loves to be stroked and fussed and feel like he is the king of the house. Khan is also quite vocal, so will meow loudly if he wants something. Please only get in contact if you have time to give him the attention that he needs.


The bengal cat club website

juno & eddie in reading

Two beautiful Bengal girls, 7 and 5 years, micro chipped, spayed and vaccinated. Would suit someone with previous Bengal experience

The photos above are of our two girl Bengal cats, Juno and Eddie. They are both very beautiful with amazing markings, and were originally used as breeding queens by the breeder that we purchased them from. We have had them for just over a year and are now consequently almost fluent in' Bengal speak' as they are both quite chatty! They had been kept in a very small enclosure at the breeders and so we have gradually allowed them more space to roam. They were of course extremely timid to begin with as they had been so restricted but now they love exploring the farm fields at the back of where we live and do sometimes bring us offerings in the shape of mice and shrews, ( they are not fast enough for birds which we are pleased about.)

Though they are lovely we have learned that they are definitely not 'lap cats' and are not very demonstrative, for example they are not at all keen on sharing sofas, beds etc which our youngest daughter finds very sad. They were bought to try to replace a very old and eccentric Burmese cat which did not leave her side and spent hours helping her with homework perched on her shoulders.

These cats are quite independent, you need to earn their respect and they will only let you stroke them if you are 'worthy'! As we have owned Burmese cats for nearly 20 years we hadn't fully appreciated the differing characteristics found in the Bengal cat. Bengals are fine unique and very clever, they will sit beside you, not on you etc. We are hoping to find a good home for Juno and Eddie where they can roam during the day if the weather is fine,( they always return at dusk for supper.)

We think they would be happier with children over 14years , small children scare them, preferably with an experienced Bengal cat lover who would fully appreciate their unique characters.They are very good friends, and can not be split up and it would be ideal if they had safe outside space to explore. I can return them to the breeder but would so much rather find the right home for these two splendid cats rather then think of them cooped up again in a cage.


If you would like to talk to me please email in the first instance louisepryer@hotmail.co.uk giving me your tel no please. A donation of £100 would be required.


The bengal cat club website

rehoming amber & pepper

Meet Amber (brown) & Peppa (silver) they are 3 years old (not from same litter)

They have both been neutered, fully vaccinated & microchipped. They both love fuss, especially Peppa but unfortunately, we're not able to give them the attention they deserve. Amber started spraying when my little boy arrived. We knew she was just marking her territory but we thought she would stop after a while. She had done this previously when her sister died but she soon stopped after a few days. She then did it again when we got Peppa & again stopped once she had gotten used to her. This time however, she hasn't stopped so we have stopped her from going out of the kitchen/dining room. This really upsets me (and of course the cats) as they used to love laying in bed with my little girl. But I just can't trust her to not spray upstairs. It is only fair that they are rehomed together as they are the best of friends. I've tried lots of different things to stop this but my vet has recommended that I rehome Amber as she is not happy. I don't think it's fair to just rehome 1 though so want them to stay together. They both go outside & use a cat flap.

They have been around children & are very tolerant as my little boy tries to get in the cat bed with them. They have never scratched or bitten either of them. However I feel they would be happier if the children were old enough to understand they can't get into the cat bed. My daughter will be so upset to see these cats go but I feel we aren't doing the best for our beautiful cats & that is to put them with someone who can give them the attention they deserve.

I would like to ask £100 donation for them. This purely because I want to make sure the person is genuine. My vet told me to contact Cat protection & they were due to come & collect Amber. As I wouldn't know who would be buying her I couldn't let her go. I am happy to bring the cats to their new home (as long as it's not too far from Portsmouth) as I would love to see where they are going. I hope someone is willing to give my cats a new home & love them as much as we do. I am happy to answer any questions.


help for ralphy

Ralphy (or Raf, Raffy) is a 5 year old neutered male Bengal.

He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. He has brown and black rosettes and is a very beautiful and gentle cat. He can be nervous but has learnt that he can seek affection from people and loves a tummy rub and cuddles once he gets to know you.

He has a very loud purr and will give you face rubs as he passes you by. He loves a scratch on his back and is quite vocal as is typical of the breed.

Unfortunately Ralphy has been bullied by our other Bengal cat, Jimmy. The boys initially got on well but since the cats were allowed outdoors Jimmy has become territorial and no amount of training, behavioural therapy or separation within the house has resolved this and it is with much reluctance that we have made the difficult decision to try to find a new home for Ralphy. Ralphy is a very submissive cat so he would have to be the only cat in a new home.

He would need safe, preferably rural access to the outdoors after a confined period of settling in. An enclosed outdoor area would be ideal for Ralphy while he is settling in but I appreciate that this is a lot to ask for. Ralphy spends hours outside hunting although he has never brought presents into the house, enjoying these delicacies outdoors! He would happily play with wand toys and has played fetch in the past with his soft toys and would love this sort of input from a family that can spend quality time with him. We have a young baby who Ralphy is not particularly bothered by but he would be best suited with either a family with older children who have experience of playing with cats or an older couple, one of whom is home the majority of the day.

As a result of being bullied he has developed a few nervous traits. He had over groomed in the past but this is not currently a problem. He is also very timid around cat flaps as our other cat has been known to wait on the other side of Raf’s cat flap to pounce. I believe in time, and with gentle training, Raf would use a cat flap once the fear of being bullied is removed. I think Ralphy would really flourish once he had settled in to a new environment. He has lots of love to give and is a very special sweet boy.

We live in Edinburgh and I would be willing to deliver Raf to a new home with a travelling time of around 1.5 hours. I would want to visit any potential new home and would ask for £100 to avoid time wasters and to ensure commitment on the part of the re homer.

Ralphy is very dear to us and I want to make absolutely sure his new home will be just right for him.


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a home for echo in Surrey


Meet Echo, she is a beautiful natured 2 year old Bengal. She is loving, gentle and vocal, hence the name. She is lively and very playful and full of character. She likes to be picked up and cuddled.

She is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. She is currently being looked after by a rescue charity. She came in with her 3 Bengal cross kittens who are also waiting to find a home. She has been a wonderful Mum and is now looking for her forever home.

She would prefer a home where she is the only cat although she will tolerate another cat if she must. She does not like dogs but likes children big and small! If you feel you could give this wonderful girl a home please get in contact.

She is located in Surrey Contact: Homing Coordinator



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sparkle 8 year old female

Sparkle is an 8 year old pretty brown spot Bengal female, who was a breeding queen but now neutered. She is chipped and vaccinations are due. She has lived with me for 5 years.

She is of a nervous disposition, and not a lap cat, I feel due to the fact that she wasn't socialised as a young cat however, did eventually settle down. She enjoys a diet of dried food only, so is very easy to feed.

Unfortunately, new cats moving into the area have caused her to have a couple of accidents inside, as she was too nervous to go outside. She doesn't often stray out of the garden As I work all day I feel that she would be best suited to a home preferably in the countryside without other animals, perhaps someone retired with more time for her and possibly a knowledge of Bengals


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**urgent** find a home for dexter

I am having to move home and new flat will not accept pets. Dexter is 6-6,5years old silver bengal, neutered and an indoor cat, rather nervous and on medication (amitriptyline) to assist his condition.

He is very shy with new people but loving, playful and affectionate once he get to know a person. I have loved and cared for Dexter since he was a little kitten and I am very upset that I have to find a new home for him now.

Dexter is a fan of dry food only although he enjoys cooked chicken and ham from time to time.

I am based in Maida Vale, London and looking to rehome Dexter with a new owner who will love him as much as I am at present please.

I can deliver Dexter to a new owner. The matter is rather urgent with only weeks until i need to move. Regards,



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safi - 7 year old female

My cat 'safi' needs to go to a good home where someone can give her the time she needs and deserves. She has been neutered She has been vaccinated She has not been microchipped

She is 7 years old She is a very friendly and affectionate although a bit timid Ideally she would be homed where there is no other pets or children due to her timid side. She would strive where one or two adults live and can love and care for her.

Unfortunately I had to move out of my studio flat that she loved into a shared house with other people which she doesn't feel completely comfortable in. She is mainly an indoor cat but has started to venture out more in the last year or so.


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rupert and leo looking for homes

I have had to make a decision to re-home my two bengals as I have a 6 week baby and I'm single. It is a very hard decision but now I have Savanna and given it is only me ... I need to know my limitations and think about the cats and us. I think they should be re-homed separately.

I had Rupert originally but then introduced Leo 3 years ago. Leo is The Brown Bengal. He's 3 years old this March. Neutered male. Rupert is the Snow Spotted and I got him from a friend and he is 6 years old this year. I've had him about 4 years. Neutered male. They get along okay but Leo can try to be the dominant one. Now they are stressed, Leo is slightly bullying Rupert.

About them: Leo - He's a fun and high energy cat. He's currently an indoor cat but I would recommend that he is re-homed to someone who will let him out. His Vaccine is up to date but he would need leukaemia if he was to go out full time. I currently take him out on a lead and he's used to that (in the garden). He's very loving and as you can see, goes and sits on my dad's lap. I would recommend no young children.

Rupert has the most beautiful temperament I have ever known. He's so affectionate and very unlike the bengal breed. He's been an amazing companion. Again, I think he would benefit from being allowed out but I don't think he's go far and may just like to smell the air and watch the birds. When there is a dog barking (when I take him out), he tends to get spooked and runs under the table. I actually think he'd be fine with kids of 6+ as my god children love playing with him. He will follow me to whatever room I'm in for a cuddle. He's vaccinated but would also need Leukaemia if to go out.

As I say, a hard decision but with such a young baby and being single ... I just know that I have to find them both good homes.


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Gizmo is nearly 5 yr old brown spotted bengal He is microchipped Fully vaccinated and Neutered

He has been brought up with other cat's not round dog's though, He has not been brought up round kids so can't say what he would be like.

I will say gizmo doesn't like his tummy being rubbed, He is fussy with what he eats only eats felix pouches that's about 6 a day he does eat dry food, Gizmo is litter trained and has only gone out doors ands windows not a cat flap He is a lovely boy loves nothing more than having a fuss loves being stroked from head to tip of his tail, He love's being outside he can be very vocal when he has brought something home for us.

He is not a lap cat but loves nothing more than curling up on ha bed and going to sleep. Be very sad to see him go as I've had him since he is 4 months old see him grow into a lovely boy, sadly due to my health problems I've got to let him go. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know anymore about him.


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3 year old radar from west cornwell

I am looking for a warm loving home for my cat Radar. He is three years old, neutered, chipped and fully up to date with all his vaccinations. He was hit by a car last year and, whilst he has made a full recovery, he has had to become a house cat which he is not thrilled about!

He had always been a very loving cat and adores curling up on a warm lap and having a chat. He loves children and being part of anything going on. However since the accident he seems to need even more contact. I work full time and whilst I try and work from home as much as I can, he does need to left at times and this seems to upset him.

He plays with his brother but this does not seem to be enough and no amount of toys seems to settle him. He needs a home where someone is around for much of the day as he is much more 'dog' than independent cat. He even plays fetch with plastic golf balls!


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maya in Edinburgh

I'm very reluctantly looking to re home one of my bengals cats.

I have her bed and cat carrier you can have as well. The cat to rehome is a 3.5 year old female Bengal called Maya. She was born in September 2011 and is a brown spotty Bengal. She is neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated.

Maya is a very friendly cat and loves everyone. She is full of beans and loved exploring, getting into the highest places she can. She chats to you, will paw at you when she wants attention or bring you toys to play with. She is also very affectionate and will sit on your lap (eventually) when she's tired and wants to cuddle.

She can be mischievous, will always find the bag of food and can open drawers and doors. She was an indoor cat until about a year ago when she started going outside. She never ventures far and spends much more time indoors than out. I have found her up a tree in my garden and she's brought me a few "presents" (alive and dead frogs...)

I am looking to re home her because sadly she and my other cat do not get on. Maya wants to be the boss and my other cat does not like that and will growl at her when she comes near her or hiss and spit, sometimes they fight. I think on the whole Maya wants to be friends with her, will try to lick her and play but my older Bengal just hates her for some reason.

My other cat has become very stressed over time. I think Maya would be happy in a home with other animals, including dogs, and she is fine with children (although I do not have any). She will be a fantastic and loving cat for someone or a family, someone who can spoil her and play with her.

I have her Bengal papers, vaccination and neutered records. Happy to answer any questions and you're welcome to meet her.

I am in Morningside in Edinburgh, cat to be collected or could deliver if within 1 hour radius.



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honey - a special girl

Honey is around 12 months old and came into foster care back in April this year, after being found wandering the streets. She was not microchipped and despite extensive searching her owner was never found.

She was in the early stages of pregnancy when she arrived, and subsequently gave birth to 5 kittens on 15th June. Four were healthy, the fifth had micro opthalmia. All the kittens have now been rehomed and Honey has been spayed.

Honey is a beautiful girl; she has obviously been well cared for and taught how to behave. She isexcellent with young children, and never shows her claws in play, even when chasing her toys. She is very affectionate and a typical Bengal in that she demands attention! She is also very intelligent, loves water and enjoys being walked on a harness and lead.

We don’t want to rehome Honey in the normal way, as we know she is worth a lot of money. She is beautifully marked (although I don’t know the type of markings!) and also has the glitter gene, as did two of her kittens. We posted lots of pictures of her and her kittens on our Facebook page and had a lot of interest, but we feel she would be better homed with help from a Bengal specialised organisation, especially as we have had a lot of pedigree cats being stolen locally.

Honey would be suited to living with a family, but loves to be outside so a large outside pen or a secure garden would be ideal. Her current foster carerwould love to keep her but only has a small garden and lives on an estate, so would need to keep her indoors most of the time which isn’t ideal for Honey.

I have attached a couple of pictures, she really is a striking cat and we want to find her the best home possible. look forward to hearing from you Kind regards Operations Director SAFE AND SOUND ANIMAL CARE


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Tiffany - 9 year old female

We are looking for a loving home for my 9 yr old Bengal, sadly i can no longer have her.

Tiffany has been spaded and she is micro chipped, she is an indoor cat, an ideal home for Tiffany would be one with no young kids or other cats, or dogs, Tiffany is a very fun loving cat and very inquisitive, however she will come to you when she wants attention, otherwise she is quite happy doing her own thing.

Tiffany has recently become stressed and has started biting her leg, unfortunately our home is a little too much now with my young daughter,she will need someone who will have time and patience and a lot of love,




Hi I'm rehoming Asia as I will be moving very soon and am out of the house for to many hours in the day.

Asia is 1 years old, she has been neutered fully vaccinated and microchipped. I would like Asia to go to someone who has the time to give her a lot of love and affection.

She is an indoor cat but I do let her in the garden for a limited time and if you live in a safe area I'm happy to let her be an outdoor cat. Asia is a very playful cat and would enjoy the company of another cat as at the moment we live with two others.

Asia is good with children and is very independent but when she's ready for loving she will seek you out, she has a lot of personality. Asia like a lot of bengals has a sensitive stomach so I only give her wet food you order it from Zooplus its called Bozita it's high quality and not to expensive I found this the best for her stomach.


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PIXey - From lancashire

Looking for a loving caring home for pixey my Bengal.

She is almost 3years old brown rosetted with beautiful markings,she loves to cuddle on her terms she is not a lap cat she is inquisitive ,clever,and playful.

She tolerates other cats but prefers to be on her own. She does not like children she likes to go outside but prefers to stay inside she is neutered and chipped.recently she has begun to spray around the house I believe because she is stressed for the past few months she has been at my daughters house due to my husbands allergy

I would love to find pixey a loving quiet home where she feels safe and peaceful.


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Dylan in st albans

Dylan is an 8 year old spotted Bengal

We are devastated to be having to rehome our much loved family pet. Unfortunately my husband has developed a severe allergy. We are currently managing by keeping him in the front room, but this is unfair as he likes to wander around the house.

We are located in St. Albans. I would prefer for Dylan to be picked up, but can discuss delivering to a different location. I can provide the carrier. I have most of his papers.

He isn't suitable for showing due to having a kink in his tail(which hasn't caused any problems), but has made a great house pet. He is quite affectionate and vocal. For this reason I would like him to go to home who appreciates Bengals and their unique personalities.

He just about tolerates children, but would be happier living in a child free house. Does not mix with other cats so would need to go to home where he is on his own. He likes to have free reign of the house and a garden.


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Loki- approximately 18 month neutered/microchiped brown male bengal. Loki is a very loving cat. He has been brought up in family environment from a kitten with children and other pets.

He's never nasty, he has never bitten or scratched even when he's had to have a wash due to mucky feet!!! Loki is a house cat, he has never been outside and therefore can only be rehomed to a “house cat home”.

He needs a home where he is the only cat in the house and with people that have time to play games with him and give him cuddles. This is a very sad parting as we love him dearly but with his best interest at heart we must find him a new home where he will be loved as much as we love him.


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Meme - female from east sussex

Meme (pronounced Mimi), is a 6 year old snow spotted bengal. She is a very sweet, friendly, chatty girl with so much character, she'll certainly keep you entertained. She does like the freedom of going outside when she chooses but never goes far and always comes back in after a couple of minutes!

She is very good with my two children but does prefer the attention of grown ups and will come and purr on your lap in the evening (usually after my children are in bed). We have had her since a kitten and love her very much but sadly over the last 2 years she has become increasingly territorial with our other cat and has started urinating around the house.

This is why she absolutely must be rehomed somewhere on her own with no future hopes of getting any others. Poor little Meme is not her happy self anymore (due to other cat) and this is why we have had to make the very hard decision to rehome her.

Meme has been spayed and will have all her vaccinations up to date and will come with her little book and bed. I would like to deliver her to her new home so that I know where she is going and would like to ask for £100, which after 6 months I will refund in full after coming to give her a quick visit and make sure she is happy at which point I will change over her microchip details. I just want to find her the perfect home so that she can be happy again, somewhere she will be as loved as she is now.


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I'm looking to rehome my 6 year old cat.

Dexter is currently based in Notting Hill/Westbourne Park, London.

Dexter is neutered and has had all his shots (last flea drops September 2014 and all other shots up to date). He has all his paperwork and is microchipped.

Dexter is a lovely cat, he is affectionate and well behaved. He does well with children and is quite docile but is very playful. He is fully litter trained. Dexter has always been an indoor cat but does venture outside on our balcony occasionally to enjoy the sun.


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Leo and Draco in Bournemouth

Leo - brown spotted male and Draco - silver spotted male

It is with the deepest regret that I am having to ask you for help to find new home for two amazing Bengal boys: Seregon King Leonidas (Leo) 7 years and Seregon Draco Nebula(Draco) 6 years.

Leo is a brown spotted male and Draco is a silver spotted male. They are half-brothers with the same father. They both get on well with each other and they must be rehomed together.

Both cats have lived with a Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Malshi for few months even though they would be the only pets in ideal home. They would be best suited to a home that does not have young children.

They have both been castrated and have a full medical history. Leo likes to relax on the sofa next to you and is more cuddly. Draco can be timid at first, but once settled is quite vocal and playful. He can have a sensitive stomach and needs to be kept on the same diet.

They both have the most incredible personalities and are very curious, smart and sometimes mischievous (especially when there's some food involved), therefore a home where someone is in most of the day would be ideal. They love to play and watch the world go by from the balcony on nice days.

They both are indoor cats and love to spend some time in the garden under supervision. They are happy to wear leads and enjoy discovering the world around them as long as that world is quite with no traffic and not far from the front door.

Boys belonged to my ex and for the last few years are living with me and my new girlfriend where they are very very happy and loved. However we're going away for work for few months and that doesn't seem to change in the next few years. We'll miss them lots. We're leaving in the end of November so they need to find a loving and patient family by then. Please email or call if you'd like to live with these two (not so) little rascals - they are both looking forward to hearing from you!



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nero- 5 year old, male

Home needed for quality brown rosetted Bengal male neuter.

Nero is nearly 5 years old vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered.

His ideal home would be as follows:
Some supervised outside space or rural location,
no other cats, but he is excellent with dogs and children over 10.



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Donnie from bedfordshire

1 year old Male Snow Spotted Bengal

Donnie is a very curious cat, who needs company most of the day, he will follow us all around the house. If he is left alone for long periods he becomes very stressed, he needs people around him. He chats a lot and is a very social cat.


He is child friendly and loves to play and we often find himsauntering around the house with cuddly toys in his mouth! Donnie loves attention, cuddles and will happily sit on your lap for hours. Whilst he has been an indoor cat for a while we recently began letting him out as he would sit and cry at the windows and doors. He loves to explore outside and a home with a large outside area that is away from busy main roads would be perfect for him.

We have his pedigree certificates, which have his original name Milky on them, we changed his name to Donnie a couple of days after we had him. We have owned him since he was 8 weeks old and it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided to give him up, it will affect our 4 yearold son the most so to know he is going to a home that cangive him all the love, attention and care he needs would put all our minds at ease. He is microchipped and up to date with all his vaccinations, he is also neutered.



teeko and jasper in aberdeen

I currently live in Aberdeen, Scotland, and have Teeko(right) who is 5 yrs old (brown rosetted) and her little brother Jasper (Below Left) 4 yrs old (seal lynx snow spot).

I love them both dearly but after splitting with a partner last year I now live in a small one bedroom flat and I don’t think they have the space they need. I work full time and sometimes don’t get home till quite late at night so I feel they also don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

They are both very affectionate, playful and vocal. Teeko is the more timid of the two but once she gets to know you, she is a big sook and loves head and ear rubs as well as a play under water from the taps. Jasper is younger and definitely more mischievous. He is also incredibly loving, cuddly and just loves his home comforts. He takes great delight in sharing your bed and telling you each morning when he wants his breakfast.

Both are indoor only cats and have not been brought up with either children or dogs. They are fully vaccinated, spayed and insured. I no longer have their pedigree certificates but have the breeder details if required.

Ideally, they would suit a rural home with more space. I’d also be keen to vet their future home to find out suitability – these cats are very special to me and I would like to find them a loving home with the right person/people.


The bengal

Sister & Brother - Belle and Austin

I write this with a very heavy heart and hope to find the perfect owner/s to love and take care of my beautiful fluffy friends.

Belle and Austin are Brother and Sister and are 11years old in November. They are both microchipped and up to date with their vaccinations.

I will be relocating to another area in October and moving into an apartment. Both Belle and Austin are used to space and the outdoors. If would be unfair of me to consider taking them and I know they would become unhappy.

Ideally their next friends will have a loving and fairly spacious home with a garden for them to run around in. Austin doesn't mind young children, as long as he isn't being picked up all the time and Belle will probably just stay away. I have never introduced them to other pets, so I really don't know how they would settle. Of course they have encountered stray cats. Belle will run back home and hide under your bed or table, while Austin will stand his ground and make himself look all big! He is smaller than Belle! They are used to fairly quiet neighbourhoods, so busy main roads and noise, would unsettle them.

Austin is very loving and will demand lots of cuddles, fuss and will lay all over your lap or laptop if you are trying to work. He loves the attention and lots of kisses. He loves to go outside, but isn't used to a cat flap. He is very vocal and will have many conversations with you, when you get up in the morning or arrive home after work. He enjoys being covered up when he goes to sleep and he enjoys eating cobwebs. He has a tendency to play tricks on his Sister. He will hide around corners and hit her when she appears, she just looks at him and hisses. He is comical and would really like someone to make sure he got all the attention.

Belle is more reserved, but in time she will come to you for fuss, but only on her terms. She will not sit on your lap and you could not pick her up. However, show her a plastic bag, and you can carry or swing her around in that! She goes outside but generally stays close by. She has stayed out all night and just waits by the door until you let her in. On occasions she loves to hunt, but not that often. Usually mice, but she doesn't eat them. I pat her on the head, thank her and let it go, if its alive or discard it. She'll be looking around thinking where her present has gone, but she soon forgets.

They both eat a variety of food, so not fussy. Whiskas tins/pouches, gravy/jelly, other tinned varieties. Fresh chicken and Belle loves tinned tuna and Austin enjoys butter on toast. They don't generally drink fresh water, but prefer rain water that has collected somewhere.

They are both happy to sleep all day at home if you work, and will greet you to let them out when you return home. I feel they will adapt very easily, if I ensure the right family are chosen.

I will provide you with their beds, blankets, toys, and stratch post along with a rug that they like to pick at. Along with their food bowls and cat carriers.

They are located in the Shropshire/Wolverhampton Borough and I would be happy to bring them to you. If you are interested in giving Belle and Austin another loving home, please do call me. Please do not be offended if I ask a lot of questions, Its just that I need to know they are going to someone who is genuingly interested in them and their ongoing welfare.

They are adorable, funny, curious and so, so loving.


bengal cat club

indie in Evesham

I have a Bengal cat which I need to find a good home for. My late wife was a great cat lover, but she died a few weeks ago after a long terminal illness. I am fond of Indie, but just cannot give her the love and attention my wife did. We had agreed some time ago that it would be in Indie's best interests and mine to find her a good home before I move house.

Indie is 12.5 yrs old and we bought her as a pedigree snow coloured.Indie is spayed. We no longer have any papers unfortunately. She is friendly and talkative and likes children - I have 2 grandkids of 11 and 8 who play with her and my neighbour's 8yr old girl plays with her too.

She is clean and well behaved in general, but will claw cushions if given the chance. We have had a total of 3 cats until recently - one - Siamese - died of illness a few months ago (similar age to Indie), and the other ( a five year old Tom ragdoll ) six months ago in an accident. They all got on very well, sleeping together with the occasional boxed ears, of course. She also gets on well with our Yorkshire Terrier and was perfectly happy with my daughter's Golden Retriever.

All of our cats have used a cat flap and been out and in at will. She eats Iams which are out on demand and a Whiskas sachet (in Jelly) once a day.

I live in Church Lench near Evesham, and I can deliver, but would want to carefully vet any prospective owners.


The bengal

can dancer find a new home

Giradelle Sariyas (Dancer) a pedigree Bengal cat, 7 years old is looking for a new home.

We are moving house, and our new landlord has stipulated no pets. We are going to miss him.

Dancer is good natured and house trained. He likes playing fetch in the garden, and enjoys human company though he isn't a lap cat he can usually be found curled up somewhere warm.

Dancer doesn't get on with other cats. He has been neutered, and as with all Bengals is vocal and loud sometimes.

We have had Dancer from a breeder as a kitten 7 years ago and want a good home for him - someone who will look after him.


The Bengal Cat Club

MR g - Needs you

Can you take on a big, noisy, fairly free-range (but incredibly loving) Bengal called Mr G?

He is a sweet-natured, friendly cat, who started life with a family but after divorce and separation he has sadly been left to fend for himself. In an attempt to regain his home comforts, meals and attention, Mr G has been inadvertently upsetting the neighbourhood by making his way into other people's houses. .

He would need to find a home in a semi-rural area away from main roads as he has been used to this where he is currently living.


The Bengal Cat Club
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rowan is looking for his new home

Rowan is a lovely 11 month old Bengal who has been neutered and microchipped. He is an extremely active boy who loves nothing more than to chase after balls and play in his tunnels. He is also a very talkative lad and loves human company.

So far Rowan has been an indoor only cat however he is desperate to get outside and start being able to perform his natural behaviours, especially hunting! He will need a home in a rural area with a large garden situated in a low cat population area. We are unsure if he likes cats or dogs, however due to his demanding nature he would probably prefer to be the only cat.

Rowan needs a home without children and with someone who understands the breed, ideally we are looking for someone with previous experience of owning or working with Bengals. If you are interested in giving this lovely boy a home, please contact Emily


The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/Boojie, female spayed full bengal from Surrey

Boojie, female spayed full bengal spotted, age 6.

Boojie is very friendly and fearless, she will follow you down the street and climb in the car given the chance. She gets on well with children. She tolerates other cats, but I think that is the reason she is wetting so I think she needs to be the only cat in the house. She is not hugely noisy for a bengal, but holds good conversation. She likes to be close but will not sit on your knee, she is a typical bengal - fierce but fabulous!

My husband and I homed a bengal in December from a lady who could not longer keep her followinThe Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/g a redundancy and her husband leaving her. She was the only cat in the house and joined my husband and I, our two children and our two Maine Coon neutered boys.

She settled in very quickly to begin with but has recently (for the past two months) started to mark her territory by urinating on our soft furnishings (beds/sofas/anything on the floor) and I think she is stressed. She has access to a litter tray and the garden at all times but seems to prefer not to use either!

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/We are therefore looking for a new home for her as it is just not fair to her when she's clearly unhappy. She didn't have wetting issues in her last home at all.

I am so sad to have to rehome her yet again, but I want her to be happy, she deserves a nice home where she will be calmer.

I am happy for someone to collect, or I can deliver

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/
The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/


LOKI - 2 year old male

Loki, is my beautiful spotted male Snow Bengal with pale blue eyes
Age 2 approx.
Not vaccinated.

He comes to call and knows his name. Very friendly with people including children, but hates other cats (untried loose with dogs). Very loving, likes being picked up and is a little purring machine. He will walk on a cat harness and lead and loves to visit people. He will walk into a cat carrier and is happy to travel in a car, but prefers being loose to being in the carrier!

Needs an outdoor rural home with lots of space and no traffic and definitely no other cats in the near vicinity.
He doesn't like being left alone for long periods, he will like to be with his new owner. He might be suitable for a young family or for a retired person at home most of the day. He loves being cuddled and to lie on a lap.
Loves to lie on the lawn in the sun.

Loki's story:-
He was found by me at a customers home, he wasn't microchipped and despite all attempts to trace his owner, no one came forward to claim him. As a experienced cat owner I had him neutered, microchipped and named him Loki as it suited his personality. I fell in love with him and wanted to try and keep him, but all attempts at integrating him with my other 4 moggies over 6 months have failed. He will not leave them alone. If he sees one, he will chase and pounce on them.

He will also seek out and attack the neighbors cats as well. With people he is the most loving cat. I will be so sad to part with my lovely handsome boy. He has made me laugh at his antics but made me cry when he attacks my other cats, so I know it will be best for them.

As I am going to find this so hard to do so it would be nice if the new owner could keep in touch with me, at least for a little while, so that I know is is settled and happy.

If you would like any further information or would like me to send you photos, please contact me


cisco - very special boy from oxford

We have a 6 year old spotted Bengal called Cisco that unfortunately we need to re-home due to a family breakup.

Cisco is a very loving cat, used to living with a dog, quite vocal and has three legs (missing a back leg!) due to a car accident some 3 years ago. He walks just fine and is very comfortable on his three legs.

Cisco is not shy at all and would do well in an active household and is well used to children having grown up with three young children who love him dearly.

He is chipped, neutered and up to date with all is jabs as you would expect.


leo in scotland

I have a 4 yr old spotted male bengal called Leo who I reluctantly will have to rehome. I moved from a garden flat to one without accessible outside space 8 months ago and Leo has not managed to adjust to being an indoor cat after having been an outdoor cat who loved to be outside and more independant. He is also quite nocturnal and his early morning wakening has been affecting my sleep to the point where I cannot cope any more.



I feel it is also unfair on him and he's not the happy cat he used to be. When he had access to the outdoors he could go and wander in the early morning without disturbing me. He is a loving cat although a little timid until he gets to know people. He is too timid for young children and avoids any interaction with them.



My ideal home for him would be a rural location with an older person with time to give him, and space to roam. I think he would be better as an only cat (although he has experience of being with other cats when younger) and he has never been in close contact with dogs. He has been vaccinated regularly and is micro-chipped and insured. He is in full health and has never had any health problems.

I live in Edinburgh and could deliver Leo within a 50 mile radius if necessary



The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/Luna and Bella are 3 years old and looking for a new home.

Luna is a snow spotted Bengal, Bella a Marbella Bengal. They are both very friendly and love attention. Luna and bella get on very well with children and dogs but not cats.

They are both neuted, missed a vaccination but if essential then we will get them done. We have both cats GCCF papers.

Unfortunately we have to re home them as they are unsettled and have started urinating in the house since my son was born.

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/


A home for Tiggi is urgently needed

Tiggi, 3 year old Neutered Brown Spotted Bengal Boy from South East London

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/My Parents bought a beautiful pair of Bengals 3 years ago after their sad loss of a beloved Bengal boy who was with them for 14 years.

Tiggi is a 3 year old Neutered Brown Spotted Bengal Boy who my parents have had since a kitten. He is affectionate and home loving and although has unrestricted access to outside is never far away and always appears the minute he hears their car on the drive.

My parents got Tiggi and his female litter mate from 3 month old kittens and at first all was fine except for the normal chaos that young ones bring. The trouble started when they were separated by a stay at the vets for the girl. On her return Tiggi took offence at having another cat in the house as he had obviously decided that he did not wish to share my parents with another cat. He has been making her life a complete misery and more recently becoming territorial and marking. They have tried all sorts of options but it is very evident that the pair cannot live together and everyone is miserable.

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/My parents’ preference is actually towards Tiggi but given their advancing years and my father’s recent ill health they have decided to keep the girl as she is more timid. Tiggi they feel would thrive in a home with younger more active people for him to run around with and no other cats he’s very sociable and appears very comfortable whenever the grandchildren are around but is not used to children as a constant.

Tiggi is a striking cat with beautiful markings he’s Neutered, Micro chipped, and Inoculated he has up to date insurance (all paperwork available). We would very much like to find a loving home for our beautiful boy as soon as possible as my father has an imminent operation to recuperate from and domestic clam would be desirable.

We are all massive cat lovers in our family and this has been a very hard decision to come to. All of us already have multi cat households or we would have taken him ourselves. I hope someone can give Tiggi a good home.

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/

We are based in South East London and I could deliver within a reasonable distance and/or we can provide his travelling box for collection.



Domino is a gorgeous 4 year old male Brown Spotted Bengal.

The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/Domino is neutered and microchipped. He is full pedigree and is registered with the GCCF. Domino is a loving and loyal Bengal, but does not like to share his 'space' with other cats.

He is fine with dogs and children. Domino would suit a rural home as he is use to going outside and we feel that he would not enjoy life as an indoor cat, so would therefore not be suitable to The Bengal Cat Club 2011 Website: Home of the Bengals in the UK and Worldwide:http://www.bengalcatclub.co.uk/be homed near busy roads. We are in North Essex.



**urgent homes needed for Sapphire and Amber**

Sapphire and Amber are sisters and are 11 years old.

They need a new home together as their owner has recently passed away. They have full vaccination record and are 2 very healthy cats. They have been and are indoor cats, as they are very timid cats and are easily spooked, it would not be advisable to let them out.

They like to hide when visitors come but are very sociable and playful and talkative when they get to know you. They like their food and happily let you know when it's meal times. They like to sleep in or under beds if you let them, or in or on top cupboards so ornaments are best put away.

These girls would suit new owners without other pets or small children due to their timid nature as they tend to like a quiet life, they are attentive and like attention on their own terms.



One year old Bengal Kitten from Woking

I am deeply saddened to find myself in the situation of needing to find a new forever home for my gorgeous blue marble Bengal, Pebbles.

A little information about this sweet girl; she is now a year old (DOB 21/06/2013). We have had her 6 months.

Like most Bengals, she is very energetic, clever and, yes, a little naughty! She is very loving and likes a lap to curl up on where she will purr happily. Her coat is super soft and has the most beautiful sheen/glitter. Unusually, she doesn't have a loud voice or use it often. Pebbles adores her human pets, even the 9 year old, however, she really does not get along with our other two cats, Hugo, our Burmese and Saffy, our brown spotted Bengal.

We have tried, oh how we've tried but although it's got better over the months, it has had such an adverse effect on Saffy, who is now 'slinking' around and refusing to use any of the three litter trays in the house. As for Hugo, they do play but then Pebbles gets a little too enthusiastic and kicks/bites him too hard.

Therefore, I have to put my own feelings aside and do what is right for them all. Pebbles would be suited to a loving home with plenty of attention but without any other cats or young children (she lived with a British Bulldog before living with us). She loves water and will race us to the bathroom if she thinks we're heading that way so that she can jump in the sink and drink/play with the water straight from the tap. (Her love of water has also seen her fall into the bath on numerous occasions and even the toilet!)

Her favourite toys are those on wands, especially feathers with added catnip. Her acrobatics when playing are amazing! She is an indoor cat and has never been outside. She is micro-chipped, spayed, up to date with vaccinations and is currently insured with Petplan. For further information or to meet her, please contact me. G


can you help ziggy?

Seven Year Old Bengal boy from Oxford

We're very sadly looking to rehome our bengal boy Ziggy. He's seven. We took him on when he was four years old (he was a rescue from the Blue Cross where he was rehomed after bereavement) and he settled well.

He's your typical noisy bengal, very curious, but also quite a cuddly one who actually likes children - we have two and he's happy to sit on my daughter's lap, drooling all over her.

We're based in North Oxford. The reason we need to rehome him is we are getting divorced and the new house I'm buying is right next to a really, really busy road and I'm very worried about him getting run over as he appears to view cars as something to chase rather than avoid.

Our current neighbours have almost run him over twice because he falls asleep on the driveway. He uses the loo (or a sink at a push) when it's raining, but other than that has no foul habits. He's happiest to be allowed out (he likes to eat mice). And he's very fit and well. He's chipped and spayed.

I don't want to risk advertising him locally because so many people will look at him, fall in love but have no idea how to look after him.

I'm happy to deliver him within fifty miles. Or he can be collected. He comes with his own cat box and whatever food we have left.



I have a 2 year old brown spotted Bengal called Archie who is absolutely gorgeous and loving but unfortunately we are looking to rehome him.

The reason for this is because he has been marking his territory around our house. His main problem is that he was traumatised when another cat came into our house 6 months ago and he doesn't seem to have got over this despite us now having a cat flap that only lets our 3 cats in. Added to the problem is the fact we have an 18 month old who is generally very good but of course can be noisy at times and likes to chase him.

I am also due my 2nd baby in 3 weeks time and this problem has just got out of hand so it's not something I feel we can deal with given our current situation. It breaks my heart to have to give him up, but he is clearly stressed by our environment (neighbours cats, toddler etc) and these are things we cannot change.

He would be much happier in a single cat household with no children where he could be given undivided attention as he loves to snuggle up on the sofa for cuddles. He is a cheeky little thing and still very kitten-like as he loves to chase balls or play fetch like a dog!

He is neutered and microchipped. We live near Winchester, Hampshire and would be happy to discuss petrol costs for delivery to the right home.




It is with some regret that I find myself having to write to you but we need help because one of our precious cats is no longer happy with us.

We have 2 bengals from the same litter: Izzy and Zilli. They came to us as kittens in 2007 and we have had some great years but for some reason they have fallen out which is most distressing. They have always been the most loving pair; cleaning, preening and sleeping together all the time but now our home has become some kind of turf war and they fight constantly. The end result of this is our male Zilli now marks his territory around the house and we have tried everything but it is clear he is very unhappy.

This is not a decision that I have taken lightly, I have put this off for some time now in hope that things would improve but if anything it is getting worse. Zilli has caused a lot of damage to our home and he is now marking sometimes twice a day. This evening I found my 1 year old child playing in one of his puddles! Zilli has marked from time to time in the past but for whatever reason he is now so stressed and unhappy he lets us know about it regularly and I have had to take the decision that he would be much better in a different environment. He craves more attention, the house is often empty during the day and when we come home is when he will show us his displeasure.

I am sure that once Zilli is in a home where he is happy and comforatble his behaviour will return to normal which is a very fine pet indeed. I feel like we have failed him and I am most upset about it but this decision has been taken with his best interests at heart, Zilli needs a home where he is on his own with no other cats/animals and ideally someone who is at home most of the time to give him the love he craves/demands.

He is the most loving and delightful cat when he is lavished attention and I am hopeful there is someone that can provide him with what he wants. He will sit on your lap for as long as you let him and he is great with children. He is tall, slim and in perfect health. He came from a very reputable breeder (nordiquestar) and is fully chipped and up to date with vaccinations etc.

We are based in Liverpool, and I would be happy to deliver Zilli to a new home within a reasonable distance. Hope you can help


Beautiful Bengal Boy – Eugene needs an only pet home

Eugene is 5 years old and desperate for a new home. Like all Bengal cats he is stunning, very clever, very affectionate and loving – he will cuddle up in bed with you and loves being petted and stroked.

Eugene must have access to a safe garden and be the only pet without other cats and dogs. He is vaccinated,neutered, health checked and ready to go. If you think you could offer Eugene the home he so needs and deserves


Chui from teddington, Middlesex

Chui (Swahili for Leopard) is a 7 year old brown spotted Bengal.

He is a neutered male and has been chipped and has his vaccinations and flea treatment up to date.

Chui is a lovely cat who has grown up with our three children however we are now sadly looking to rehome him. This is due to the increasingly bad relationship between him and our other Bengal. They were bought into the house together as kittens and got on very well in the beginning, however as they reached maturity Chui has been very dominant over our other cat and I have come to the hard decision that it is not fair to keep them in the same house.

Chui is an affectionate cat who will sleep on the kids beds and get onto the sofa for a cuddle and some attention. He likes company and will always be around to greet you when you come home.

We think he would be much happier in a single cat family where he is King Cat, he is happy to be bossed around by children.

We live in Teddington, Middlesex and would be happy to discuss travel costs if needed.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more info,




TICA registered, neutered, 3 year old, male Bengal available for adoption in Stockport.

TICA name is Geolynz Cache. He has a lovely nature, gentle and friendly. He enjoys cuddles and has the best purr of any cat I've ever known! Great with children (mine are 5&9). He's never scratched any of us (well, apart from the odd time when we've been playing with him and haven't moved our hands away from his toy quickly enough!!).

Sadly, he started increasing the size of his outdoor territory and has started fighting very regularly with a neighbours (non-Bengal) cat. We had to take the difficult decision to keep him indoor because of this (as he tends to win these fights!) As we are at work or school during the day, he is getting bored and lonely during the day. Therefore, we feel we need to find a new home for him, as it's just not fair on him. He needs someone who can spend more time playing with him, or who has a cat friend for him (this would need to be another Bengal.

He did used to live very happily with another Bengal) or someone who has suitable outdoor space. He was a great outdoor cat - as he's shy with strangers he will not go up to anyone who calls him if he doesn't know them, so he'd be hard to steal! If you have a large garden or if you don't have many cats around you, he could go outside again.

As with all Bengals, he is vocal! When he's into a routine, he tends to limit his voice to times like when he's hungry/ wants a cuddle/ about to use the litter tray (?!). However, he has become very vocal since we've had to keep him in. This is decreasing as he adjusts, but I wanted to be really transparent in this advert - he does make his needs known through his voice!!!

He is very well behaved as an indoor cat and uses his litter tray perfectly. He has never caused any damage in the house. He does have a slight heart murmur, which was picked up by the vet at a routine appointment. We have been assured no treatment or drugs are necessary for this either now or in the future, which is good news for the wallet. You would never suspect he had this issue - doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest.I'm told this is fairly common in cats?

He's micro chipped. Vaccinations up to date (last done 2 months ago). Worm and flea treatments up to date. He's in great general health and a lovely pet.


claude from stroud, Gloucestershire

Claude 7 years old snow spotted neutered male

Claude is a real character with quite a fan base who enjoy hearing about his latest antics. He is very people oriented and loves being the centre of attention.

Although he happily lives with other cats and a dog, he would ideally like to live on his own or have just one feline friend.

He has to have safe access to the great outdoors as he can be very persistent in getting his point across until you let him out! If he were a human I think he would be Stephen Fry, although not as clever!

I have to warn you that we will be selecting his new home very carefully as he is a much loved cat and we want the very best match, but if you are the right person I can guarantee a cat that will make you smile and laugh out loud on a daily basis.


buttons in epsom, surrey

I have a 5 year old Boy bengal called Buttons. Sadly despite all my best efforts he needs re-homing. I have 2 other non-pedigree female cats that he terrorises, they are older than him. He is very affectionate and loving to me but resents me spending time with the girls. I have tried "Feliway" plug-ins, giving each cat a separate area in the home (fortunately I have a large house), but he still attacks the girls without provocation and if he does not get my attention he urinates in the house.

He is fully vaccinated and micro chipped and I am happy to keep him here until a new owner is found. I was going to the cats protection league but the vet said to try a bengal rescue centre before then.

Buttons is a brown leopard bengal born 16/04/2009. He is playful and loving, eats lots but is not in any way overweight. He chats a lot and is welcoming to visitors of the human kind. He is shy of children but that is because he has never really had contact with them. He comes rushing to the front door on my return from work and always comes to greet me if he has been out. He has full run outside but does not stray far if I am at home. The vet (seen today for annual jabs) states he is healthy. He is allergic to fleas and loses fur if not kept treated.



Alfie and India are 3 years old, beautiful Brown spot and Snow Bengals. Both absolutely stunning cats with great natures, very affectionate and love a cuddle.

They are energetic as bengals are, so very entertaining, often making us laugh. India is the playful one, always amusing herself with some kind of toy.

Whilst Alfie is more laid back, the one you'll normally find snuggling up on someone's lap. Although once you've earnt India's trust she will also come for a cuddle. They are neutered/ spayed, and injections will be up to date on re-homing.

They have only been around each other, no other cats or dogs. But they are both very good with children , my nephew is now 2 1/2 and loves to play alongside them never having any issues. India is a bit skittish so tends to keep away from him, but Alfie is always intrigued by him and both seem to enjoy each other's company.

My nephew bobby will often stroke and feed Alfie, who is very gentle. They have never been outside as they have been brought up as indoor cats. I am very sad to be re-homing Alf and Inds, it really will be like losing a member of the family. But unfortunately my circumstances have changed since getting them both.

My parents have had them for a year, but the time has come to accept the fact it isn't feasible for myself to have them back now I'm in a small flat in London, and unfortunately my parents cannot keep them forever :( So I have made the very difficult decision to re-home.

My contact details are listed below I do have a very busy job so will unlikely answer during the day but if you leave a message or mail me I can contact in the evenings, or weekends. The cats as said are currently at my parents in Latchingdon, Essex. But all contact will be done through me and I can organise with my mum time to go see them.


Two 14 year old Bengal boys from Portsmouth

I am currently looking to re home my two Bengal boy cats.
Names ralphie and fonzie
Both micro chipped
14 years young
Both neutered
We are in Portsmouth Hampshire
We can drop off or they can be collected but we only have one basket.
Vaccines are not up to date ,hence the need for re homing as due to finances.
Child friendly
May not mix well with other cats
Flea control up to date




D.O.B. 17/03/2012
NEUTERED - Yes - 19 July 2012
VACCINATED - YES on 4/6/13 Tricat A300B01 Leu 3X0Y02

Farley is a lively boy who came into our care (Cats Protection – Taunton & Wellington Branch) on 5 March 2012. His owner was unable to keep him as he was toileting inappropriately indoors due to the fact that he was nervous of the outside world – probably other more dominant cats in the neighbourhood – and was not provided with a litter tray.

On arrival he was obviously stressed but settled well and is eating and responding well to people. He is now keen to have more space than the pen he is in.

His fosterer has written the following notes:-

"Farley is a fun loving boy who needs a busy home with plenty going on to keep him thinking. Extremely bright, he needs lots of space and things to do. He likes people and is very gentle when handled.

Would suit a home with no other cats but would cope with dogs (may put them in order!), and likes teenage children. He will need to go out for adventures but likes his home comforts and a warm bed.

Food likes – Felix AGAIL, Gourmet pouches and pate tins, meaty sticks and good quality dry.

He can be quite vocal if not getting attention!!


Ulysses - male from hampshire

Ulysses (male) 3 years old, Brown rosetted Bengal, Vaccinated, Neutered, Microchipped.

Ulysses is energetic, interactive and playful. He is an indoor cat. We have had him since he was 3 months old.

He became very loyal to the male head of the family. Our personal circumstances have changed recently and we find ourselves unable to offer the care and attention he deserves.

He would mix well with other cats however, he has not had the opportunity to interact with children. We are looking for a loving nurturing home for him.


bob - 1 year old boy from london

Bob is an almost one year old neutered male brown rosetted pedigree bengal.

He has been with us since he was three months old and we are reluctantly thinking about re-homing now, to a good home only, due to expecting a baby in a few months. Bob is vocal, affectionate, energetic and playful.

Whilst not a true lap-cat, he does sit on knees when he wants to and loves to sleep at the foot of the bed. He is fully house trained, does not toilet in the house other than the litter tray (which he tends to only use when he is not able to go outside) and has never sprayed. He goes outside freely during the daytime using a cat flap and would probably not like to be a house cat but he is used to staying in at night.

Bob came from a litter of several kittens and the breeder had several adult bengals and they all socialised and played well together in her home but he has been in a single cat household with us so whether he would be happy with another cat in the household is untested. He seems to want to be friends with neighbours cats but they are aggressive towards him and may be bullying him.

Whilst bob is fine with older children he can misinterpret boisterous young child play as an invitation to play rough and a child rolling around on the floor is an irresistible opportunity to wrestle. We have been quite successful in training him that legs and feet are not for playing, but he occasionally forgets that we are not cats.

We are based in London but ideally Bob would go somewhere less built up where he could safely go outside. We would deliver (within reason) plus all equipment and toys. Vaccinations up to date. New home and owner would be checked for suitability.


savannagh and franco need rehoming together

My Circumstances have changed - divorce! and I have had to unfortunately come to the heart breaking decision to re- home my 2 beautiful Bengal cats Savannagh and Franco.

I will be moving to small rented accommodation where i am not allowed to have pets and they won't have the space they deserve and need there either.

They are 20 months old and brother and sister They are extremely close and spend a lot of time cuddled up together sleeping and cleaning each other therefore must be re- homed together I couldn't bare for them to be apart.


This is a really hard decision for me.

Savannagh is the friendliest of the 2 cats- she will happily sit on your lap for ages , purring away and making the most adorable noises. I don't have any children - but when other peoples come to visit they seem to be fine.

They don't scratch or bite at all ever , they are extremely sweet natured , intelligent and follow me around the house like little dogs. They are used to other cats but have never before encountered a dog.

They are both neutered, microchipped and vaccinations are up to date If you can give my babies the perfect home and love them as much as i do, please get in touch.






We have available for adoption an absolutely stunning brown-spotted pedigree male Bengal called Jacob.

Jacob is just amazing - he is a fantastic specimen of the Bengal breed - he has in fact won cat shows in the past. Jacob is aged 7 years and he is a very fit and healthy boy. He has come into rescue due to a change in the dynamics of his previous cat family.

Following the loss of one of his feline friends in his previous home he became too dominant with the two remaining female cats and it was felt that he would do better in a home without other cats.

Consequently we are looking for a semi-rural location with lots of land where Jacob can have an extensive terriority and he can be allowed to be a typical bengal - he is very intelligent, active, inquistive, and needs to have access to explore the great outdoors and not have the opportunity to bully other cats

Jacob is very affectionate and loving and is very typical of the breed - very playful, energetic, agile and a fantastic companion cat to have around - he thrives on giving and receiving attention - he is just adorable.

We would like him to be homed with someone who has experience of the bengal breed or at least experience of oriental cats. He can be homed with children over 15 but he must be an `only' cat in a home. His previous owner was absolutely heart-broken to have to put Jacob in rescue as he has been very well loved and now we are looking for someone to carry on the love, care and attention that Jacob has been used to.

Jacob really is in the prime of his life. He has a gorgeous thick coat and the most amazing eyes - simply stunning. He is neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated.

If you can offer our Jacob a loving home please email pauline.preston@blueyonder.co.uk with as much information as you can about your circumstances eg. location (full address and postcode), work commitments, age of children, details of existing pets in the home etc.

OR alternatively telephone the rescue manager (Hazel) direct on 01925 824433 - please leave a **landline** phone number as we cannot afford to return mobile numbers due to our limited funds and these will unfortunately not be returned if left on our answering machine.

If we do not answer your call immediately please be patient as we may be out on another rescue.

Donation to be made on the day of adoption [£95.00].

All potential cat adopters will have a pre-adoption home visit to ensure the home is appropriate to the needs of the cat and that everyone involved in caring for the kitten is aware of the responsibilities that cat/kitten welfare entails.

** We do not home our cats on or near busy roads **

As a home check is to be done ,we can only consider inquiries please within a 50 mile radius of Warrington


brother and sister from south london need you

We have two Bengal cats, Mo (brown) and silver Bibi (brother and sister); they are 4 years' old and neutered/ spayed. They are microchipped, up to date with immunisations and with worming/ flea treatments etc.

On re-homing, we would be able to bring the cats to their new owners, along with wicker carrying baskets, cat baskets, their toys etc. etc.

Mo is the more nervous cat; he is loving and affectionate, too. Bibi is curious and friendly - and a gourmet cat who loves good food. Both like older children and are not afraid of dogs - although it may not be a good idea for their re-homer to have one (or more!).

The cats have free access to come and go, via a microchip cat flap. They cannot get to the street and would be terrified of cars, having never experienced them. They live well alongside each other but due to a change in our family circumstances, we are no longer able to look after them - we are very sad. They also, I should add, love company.


WALTER - 3 legged lovely boy

I have a young bengal, 1-2 yrs of age called Walter. I took him on a few months ago from some people who did not care for him anymore and did not want to pay for his veterinary bills after he was hit by a car. I rescued him and made sure he was given appropriate veterinary treatment. Sadly walter had to have his leg amputated but he has fully recovered very well and gets about well on 3 legs.

I am now hoping to find him a forever home where he can have undivided attention and love! I would love to keep walter myself but i dont feel that he is happy here. He has urinated in a few places, mainly my bed and also my dogs bed, which is not ideal.


He spends most of his time outside, which is not fair on him especially at this time of year as I work fulltime. Another problem is that my dog does not like walter, he has become very uncomfortable in the house now, perhaps due to walters urinating.

This truely breaks my heart because I have never met a cat quite like walter!

He is unbelievably affectionate, always wants to be cuddled and to lie next to or on you! He adores being stroked in any way any where! His legs, his tummy, his ears, everywhere! He loves company so i think he would be happier in a home with someone who can offer him the love and attention he deserves.

He should be an only cat but is quite happy integrating with dogs, he was never phased by my large dog. Walter has not been dealt the best card so far but I've worked hard to get him the care he needed and he now deserves to be adored forever. He is micro chipped, vaccinated and neutered. He would like to be in a home where he can go in and out as he pleases. I see no reason why he couldnt live with children, he has not got a spiteful bone in his body. Stephanie


apollo from nottingham

Good natured loving silver 3.5 year old spotted Bengal, would ideally suit a home with no children however has lived with a dog in the past and I think would suit a household with a similar aged cat that he could be slowly introduced to, Apollo gets bored very quickly and so likes to see humans as other cats and doesn’t understand that our skin doesn’t take to claws aswell which is why I think a second cat would be good.

He is neutered, micro-chipped and fully house trained, very playful and will play fetch when it suits him, he is also an outdoor cat and I think you will struggle to convert him to a house cat although when I am in he is in and attached to me like a limpet. Very vocal and very loving and loyal unfortunately I cant keep him.

I would want to vet the new home and pay a visit if at all possible but would need Apollo collecting.


Ronnie, three year old pedigree brown spotted Bengal, Wiltshire

We are looking for a new home for Ronnie, our three year old pedigree brown spotted Bengal(microchipped, vaccinated etc)

Bengal with beautiful colouring and a very inquisitive temperament. We got Ronnie from another home in November last year. The couple there had bought another Bengal cat and they thought Ronnie was being bullied by the new cat and seemed very anxious.

As we are experienced cat owners and were looking for another Bengal, we were happy to adopt her as they were looking to rehome her into an environment where she had no other animals for competition and they felt it was important that someone was in all day. Ronnie was initially as anxious as described, and seemed to calm down over the next few months, but disliked loud noises as she became very skittish.

As we have two small children, this is difficult, although she loves being stroked and the children love her inquisitive nature - very much a true Bengal temperament. She has displayed some increasing unwanted behaviours which might stem from kitten training, and are now impossible to live with - stealing food from plates and urinating on beds and clothing left on the floor.

Ronnie can use a litter tray and urinates there and outside, but seems to have developed a preference for urinating on our beds. As she can open doors, and will actively wait until a door is open, this has been extremely challenging to deal with. We have tried our best to interrupt her as soon as she starts by making loud noises, closing all doors tightly etc. This worked initially, but not now.

There have been no other recent changes in our house.The final straw came today when we put my youngest daughter to bed, and then realised that during the day Ronnie had opened the door to her bedroom and weed on her bed - the last clean set of sheets in the house as she has weed on all the others in the past few days.

Much as it pains me to admit this, I think she needs to go to a different home, one who might be able to more successfully train her out of these behaviours. I have just contacted the original owners who stated that she did use to urinate on beds, but they thought that this was due to the introduction of the other cat. Reading between the lines, I think this is why they gave her up for adoption, but they obviously didn't tell us this at the time, but I need to be honest with anyone who wants to adopt her. The other option is our local cats and dogs home who have a policy of not destroying healthy animals. Do you think you could help with finding our beloved cat a new home?



Conan and Cougar - 11 year old brothers

Due to impossible circumstances, I sadly have do have to rehome Conan and Cougar.

They are brothers and they have been house cats since their birth, merely enjoying the privacy of a large outdoor terrace.

Cougar: (Marble Bengal. Incredibly good looking cat) It's like he is from the wild. His insticts are second only to a real tiger. He is a tough nut to crack, but if he ever lets you into his life, he is the fiercest of loving cats, and will crave your attention on his terms. He is a beautiful cat, and I believe he knows it. Definitely the dominant of the two cats, but they have a good relationship about 99% of the time.



Conan: (Glitterglam Marble Bengal) He is a timid, loving, and lazy cat. He doesn't have a nasty bone in his whole body. A truly lovely personality, albeit shy and 'scaredy cat' most of the time. Once you gain his trust, he is a truly incredible animal who sleeps and eats too much, as all cats should do! He is very affectionate.



Between the two of them, they rarely sit together, and don't sleep together. They each have their own 'sleeping spots', so I am not sure if they would be affected by being seperated. Naturally, if their were some loving family that could take both cats, I think it would be a huge bonus. Another huge bonus would be if they had outdoor garden space, so for once the tigers could actually roam free.

I should mention that I feed them only dry food. Conan, like several Bengals has a weak stomach and eats Sensitivity food. Cougar eats Natures Best. Obviously, these foods for some families will be pricey.

I thank you in advance sincerely, for any help in rehoming these beautiful creatures.



lexi - 3 year old in south london

Unfortunately we need to find a new home for Lexie - our gorgeous 3 year old Bengal. She is neutered and microchipped, fit and healthy. She is a real 'peoples' cat and is always around but she torments our other much older cats.

She would suit being an only cat. She has met dogs and is ok with them. She is used to going out but is usually close to home. She is very pretty, soft and little but has much character .

If she feels she isn't getting enough attention she will climb on the door frame or sit on the paper you are reading. Jo 07710176938. We are in South London





I have two beautiful Bengal cats who need a new home, as due to my personal circumstances I will sadly be unable to look after them any longer. I am looking for a loving ,caring person/family who can love them, look after and spoil them in the way they have become accustomed to!

SIENNA (right)

Sienna is a female spotted Bengal, aged 5 years. She loves human contact and likes company. She is gentle with anyone that is gentle with her, and is extremely intelligent, even cunning at times. She stays inside a lot although she will also go outside. She is neutered and up to date with all vaccinations, her next one due in January 2014, as well as flea and worming protection. She is also micro-chipped



Milo is a marbled half breed male Bengal, his mother being a pure Bengal and the father an unknown! He is 4 years old and is related to Sienna (their mothers are 'sisters') He spends most of his time outdoors, just coming in for food and sleep. He is a nervous cat, but loves a good cuddle with anyone that he knows. He is a simple and lovely natured. He also has all his vaccinations etc as Sienna, and is micro-chipped.


I would ideally like them to go as a pair. Sienna wouldn't mind whether they went together, she is indifferent to Milo, and merely tolerates him. However, Milo follows Sienna everywhere and I think would be distressed without her. He loves to play with her, but she will only play when it suits her! She is definitely the boss. Neither of them are good with other cats.


homes for casper and cleo please

Due to Casper and Cleos owner sadly passing away,
We need to find new homes for these two beautiful Bengals


Casper is quite outgoing and mischievous. He adores attention and happily talks away whilst paddling and purring. He knows he’s the show stopper as far as looks go and makes sure to pose whenever possible. He loves being out hunting and more than anything a nice comfy duvet on the bed or a comfy cat bed by the radiator or fire. He loves to curl up next to the bath or go for a few walks around it while you have one, loves playing with a dripping tap but isn’t overly keen on water.


Cleo is the quiet one. She loves a fuss though and does dribble when she gets really happy! She prefers to have a quiet room next to a radiator to spend the days and is used to be second fiddle to her brother. They will curl up in front of the fire together but more often than not Caspar can be a bit of a bully, but she has learnt over the last couple of years to fight back at times. She does like to sneak under the duvet if her brother isn’t around for a cuddle.


They have both had a perfect health record and especially over the last 4 years or so are a lot more sociable with strangers. They prefer people they don’t know to be sitting down before they come and investigate. They do seem to bond quicker with women however they both come for a fuss when my friends have been visiting lately.

They have un restricted access to the outdoors, Cleo is happy just popping out for a while or climbing up onto the conservatory to be let in a window after which she will go down and do it again. Caspar loves to spend a few hours in good weather out hunting. His success on that front has been less over the past couple of years but he was quite an efficient hunter.

They are currently with me at my mums house. Im here till Feb 13th when I fly home so need to find a home for them by then ideally. If its sooner than that it would be ok too, as much as I won’t like being here without them, there is a lot of house clearance to be done that would unsettle them more I think. They are not great lovers of being picked up but will tolerate for a short period.
All vaccinations etc are up to date and recorded.


clovis - in sutton/surrey

It is with great regret that I find myself in a position where I need to find a new home for my Bengal Cat.

I purchased Clovis only six months ago after the loss of a Bengal that moved in with me. I was told when I purchased Clovis that he is a house cat and has never been out. However recently Clovis has shown signs of wanting to go out and seems to get stressed when he cannot. unfortunately I live in a flat in a very busy area and would not want to let Clovis run free as the previous cat who adopted me was killed in a RTA.

Clovis needs an outdoor run or needs to be with another cat. Clovis is a 2 year old, snow spotted, neutered male with all his inoculations up to date. Clovis used to live with another cat so should be ok with other cats. Clovis is very playful, friendly and has a perky personality.

Now remaining with Mark



LOLA - Loving home required for 3 year Bengal – South London

We have made the very difficult decision to rehome one of our Bengal cats, Lola, and we are looking for a suitable home for her with someone who understands the Bengal breed.

Lola is just over 3 years old and is a silver-spotted Bengal. She is a small cat with incredibly soft fur and beautiful markings. She is from Glitterglam breeders www.glitterglam.co.uk, has papers which list her pedigree and is also micro-chipped and vaccinated.

Lola is intelligent, healthy and athletic and can jump very high. She is a friendly cat who will follow you around and play and will very occasionally sit on your lap. She can be very vocal and will often chat to you especially if you are on the phone! She loves to play with people, leaping to catch her toys or throwing them around to encourage you to join in. If she spots a fly in the house she will expertly catch and eat it!

The reason we are rehoming her is that now she is mature she has become very territorial and wants to be the dominant cat in our household. For months now, she has been harassing our other more placid Bengal boy, Dexter, whom she happily grew up with. Dexter is now often growling and hissing at her or running away from her. He has not been happy for some time now and the situation is getting worse. On occasion Lola has marked her territory after they have been fighting and we think that she would be far better off in a single cat household where she does not have territory issues.

Lola has always enjoyed being outside, mainly in our back garden, so it is essential that her new owner allows her free access to a garden and does not live too close to a busy main road. She does not use a litter tray indoors but if you were intending to use one to begin with I would suggest a covered one, which she has used in the past.

When she was a kitten, Lola broke her leg by jumping off the wardrobe, we think. She had an operation and a metal pin was inserted to fix the bone. It took 7 weeks to heal and during this time we had to keep her in a cage which she didn’t like at all. But the leg fully healed and does not cause her any problems now.

Lola has been very well cared for and we would like the assurance that the following will be provided:

• Lots of love and attention and someone to play with her (although not another cat!)

• Good quality food (Bengal cats can have very sensitive stomachs and the food we give them is wheat-free: Vet’s Kitchen complete dry food)

• Access to a back garden via a cat flap

• Hopefully a pet insurance policy, which we have found invaluable – it may be possible to transfer our existing Pet Plan policy to the new owners

This has not been an easy decision to make and we really hope the right home is out there for Lola.


Dior in west sussex or lancashire

I would like to rehome my 7 year old Blue Eyed Snow Bengal, Dior. She has been spayed and is chipped and all her vaccinations are up to date.

Dior is delightful and loves plenty of cuddles and can be very attention seeking. She can very territorial and loud at times. She is not so comfortable around small children although she can come round to them as all my children are grown up. As far as being with other cats goes, this can take some time but I am sure she may be fine once she settles as I did give her a trial once to stay in the home with another cat.

I have sadly decided to rehome her for two reasons, one due to my allergy and secondly and more importantly her recent behaviour of marking her territory by weeing at the front door. I am unsure why she has started this and have tried everything like feliway and urine off but these have failed. The vets say it is not a health condition and she is perfectly healthy so it is more a behavioural problem. She also uses her litter box, so it almost appears like she is picking and choosing her spot.

Dior does also go out but is very insecure and returns back as soon as she has done so. I am really upset and stressed by her behaviour and would like it if you can help me rehome her.

We as a family are really going to miss her and whoever decides to home Dior, we would be really grateful for photo updates as it's a heartbreaking decision to let her go.



rehomed dec 2013

8 year old female snow spotted Bengal in need of a loving new home.

Nala has lived with us for 6 years and has always been happy until the arrival of our little girl 6 months ago.

Nala is a timid cat who requires lots of tlc before trusting you but once she is happy in her environment she loves nothing more than a cuddle or to curl up in front of a warm radiator. The arrival of our daughter has upset Nala meaning she is no longer happy in the house and is spending most of her time sitting outside looking in! This is really upsetting for us to see but we know it's upsetting Nala more. We therefore need to find Nala a new home without small children. Nala is used to living with a dog but doesn't always enjoy the company of other cats, so a cat free home is preferable!!

Nala is neutered, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatment.


Four year old Bengal boy seeking loving home


Jdy is a 4yr old male weighing in at 3.8kg. He is neutered and microchipped, and due for his annual booster vaccination next month. Jdy is a house cat and loves laps, cuddles and laying on your legs in bed. However he's still young enough to want to play; running and jumping around the house to play catch and fetch. He is an excellent stalker of garden wildlife at dusk, albeit through the lounge window.

Jdy has been a wonderful companion for our father since he was a kitten. He has had so much love and given lots in return. Sadly our father has now passed away and so it is with great regret that we must seek a new forever home for this beautiful boy. Dad was retired and so Jdy is used to having people around much of the time.

Jdy has never lived with any other animals and whilst we can't say for definite, our feeling is that he will be best placed in a home that is currently pet free. Similarly he has only had a tiny bit of exposure to small children. He eats dried food (of which we have about 6kg to send with him), but enjoys the odd tuna treat of course.

Jdy is confident, inquisitive, vocal, loving and energetic-with very soft fur marked in the classic pedigree Bengal manner. If you would like to meet him, or have any questions, please call or email.


Please contact Davina
email address is Davina.christmas@gmail.com
07899 987017
Oct 2013

Chanti FROM Callington, South East Cornwall


Chanti is a 4 old pure breed Bengal female. We got her from breeders who were unable to secure another brood from her, as she has a very minor heart murmur (I think we've still got the Pedigree certificates somewhere). This is not life-threatening under normal circumstances, but could be serious in the event of major physical trauma such as pregnancy and labour. She has been spayed and has just (4/9) been vaccinated for a year.

We were rather naive in taking the breeders at there word; they assured us that Chanti was a social and family friendly animal, and this is not the case. She is friendly enough one-on-one but is rather neurotic and takes time to settle.


She doesn't like loud noises and will stay well clear of our children under normal circumstances. That said, she is capable of being a loving animal once she's familiar with you and I think would ideally suit one or two quiet adult owners.

She is a stunning animal to look at and hopefully the photographs testify to that. We have three children in the house and we're rather busy (and noisy!), so have come to the reluctant conclusion she'd be happier elsewhere. She is predominantly a house cat but we do have a cat flap (for our other cat) and she does enjoying venturing into the garden. She's fine with our other cat; no experience of her interacting with dogs but I can't imagine she'd enjoy it!

If you're interested in rehoming Chanti, please get in touch by e-mail in the first instance:


Please contact Daniel McCaffrey
email address is danielmccaffrey948@btinternet.com
Cornwall Area
Sept 2013

Glitterbug needs a forever home (London)

Glitterbug is looking for someone to love and care for her and offer her a forever home. She is a very sweet and loving 3 year old bengal cat with beautiful rosette markings. She is an active happy cat who loves to chase sticks and feathers in the garden but also loves to cuddle up on the sofa. Happy to use a cat flat and is toilet trained. She is neutered, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations.

I am rehoming her due to no fault of her own. She is a typically vocal little bengal but is fun, sweet and has been a lovely addition to our home. I have recently started a new job with long hours and a lot of travel. My partner is also living away and I am just not around enough to provide Glitterbug with the attention she deserves. I use a feliway plug in diffuser which helps keep her relaxed. However she does not display any stress indications and does not have a problem with marking.

She doesn't live with another cat and I think she would be happiest as the only cat in the house. She does however have a great friend who is a rabbit. I would ideally like her to go to someone who is experienced in looking after bengal cat and wants a real companion.

Do get in touch if you think you could offer Glitterbug a loving and happy home.


Please contact Jen Taylor
email address is jentaylor_1986@hotmail.co.uk
phone 07889 813473
London Area
Sept 2013

Simba in shropshire

Sadly we are having to rehome our two year old Bengal boy, Simba. This wasn't an easy nor quick decision to make. It is so important to us that he goes to the right home. We are looking for someone who knows about the Bengal breed, as they are very active, vocal and inquisitive. They also need a lot of attention and so shouldn't be left alone for long hours.

Simba is such a joy to have as a member of the family. He is entertaining, clever and so loving. He is very talkative and very loud. He loves to curl up on your lap and have a good cuddle and will purr his head off whilst being tickled under the chin or scrubbed on the head! He is an outdoor adventurer and will spend a lot of time exploring outside. So he needs to go to a home that isn't too near the road. He loves to play and will lie on his back throwing his toys around or will happily chase a piece of string. Simba eats dry and wet food (Advanced Nutrition Dry and Natures Menu Pouches) and loves dreamy treats but most of all - prawns!

The reason we are having to rehome Simba is because since he has reached maturity he seems to crave dominance in our household and has taken a disliking to our other cat (whom he grew up with and was best friends with whilst they were kittens). Which has lead to a lot of fights and has caused our other cat to become scared of him and also more recently has caused him to mark his territory. For this reason we strongly feel he needs to go to a home where he will be the only cat so he doesn't have this dominance issue. Simba has never been around dogs so would most probably be better off in a household without dogs. He is absolutely fine with children, although hasn't really been around very young children so we are unsure how he would be.

Simba is neutered, microchipped and will be up to date on his vaccinations. He will make an amazing addition to the family! We really will miss our boy and so are hoping that whoever offers him a loving, forever home would be willing to send us an occasional email update and maybe a photo. We also ask that whoever rehomes him would contact us if it didn't work out


Please contact Jamie Goddard
email address is jamie.goddard90@hotmail.co.uk
phone 01952 933424 or 07718 079 165
Phone calls would need to be 6pm onwards in the evening due to work.
Telford, Shropshire
Sept 2013

Ratty - Bengal Girl needs Re-Homing

Spengler (known affectionately as Ratty) is an 8 year old Arrowhead Spotted Bengal Cat. She is pedigree bred, shown once, full paperwork, neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

We purchased a litter of 3 ( 1 boy 2 girls) as kittens in 05 and until recent months they have always gotten along, finding their space despite very different personalities and living happily alongside one another aside from an occasional family spat. In 2010 we bought a dog, and the cats socialised very well, particularly Ratty - who has a real fondness for the dog. 3 months ago after the house was decorated throughout it seems that boundaries and timeshares long established were eliminated, and the stress levels within the pack began to escalate.

It has become clear, from marking behaviour and stress signs that the ratty really does need to be a single cat. Her stress markings have upset her brother into marking and this combined is seeming to drive the innocent sister away, and even mark herself when things are bad.

Ratty is a very friendly, chatty, loving girl, she approaches for attention asking with a squeak to be touched, and loves a quiet lap, your bed (usually on you!) but she is shy and nervous, with a fear of enclosed spaces. She loves to play and hunt, going roaming for several hours at a time but checking in at home for food and love regularly. She likes lots of playtime too, batting cable ties and the postmans elastic bands about on the tiles or floorboards... She would make an excellent single cat pet or perhaps with a calm dog.


Please contact Carol Fisher
email address is cazzerino@hotmail.com
phone 07980 211636
Sept 2013

Max & paddy - 2 x 7 year old boys ready to love you asap!

I am looking for a loving new home for my two gorgeous 7 year old brown spotted Bengal boys Max & Paddy. Myself and my partner have recently had to relocate back to Scotland - we are working between Glasgow, Aberdeen and the North West of England and due to financial restraints we're renting rooms with friends / family and travelling to see each other, as well as travelling regularly for work - therefore we haven’t been able to take Max & Paddy with us. They’ve been staying with a friend for the last month who has loved having them, however she is away for the next few months, so they are now going into a cattery that we know and trust in Scotland until we can secure them a foster home, or the right permanent home.

Until recently they have spent most of their lives indoors, however in the last few months they’ve been going out every day, they have loved the freedom and they are much happier cats as a result so I would love them to go to a home where there are no busy roads but some good safe outdoor space, they absolutely love it and they’re really keen to get outside now as much as possible. They're in perfect health, microchipped and neutered, their vaccines are fully up to date and they are insured.

They can initially be quite shy with strangers but soon become friendly after a couple of weeks staying with my friend they became very affectionate, sitting on her knee every night and loving lots of attention. They are vocal, good natured, chilled out, intelligent boys who love curling up on our laps & playing games. They have a fantastic nature, I've never seen them show aggression or get their claws out, they're great with young kids & comfortable with other animals. They’re very close and affectionate with each other, and very entertaining during their daily ‘mad hours’.

Max is the lighter coloured cat with the very clear spots - he is very confident, friendly & adventurous, loves attention & a good belly rub.


Paddy is the darker more stripy cat - he is more timid than Max & a little nervous at times but, but loves to be in your company & when he gets to know you, he will sit on your knee & loves a chin rub.


Both love to play games - fetch is a firm favourite, & they love catnip filled toys. If there’s any way you can help, or if you think you know someone who would like to look after them, please contact me as below.

They are amazing company and absolutely fantastic pets – I’ve had them since they were babies and I will miss them so much, but unfortunately our circumstances at the moment are difficult and will remain so for at least the next year or so, so it is with a heavy heart that I’ve made the decision to look for a new loving home for them where they can settle.

Initially I was looking for a foster home for Max & Paddy for 12 months or so – however I am conscious of what is best for them and all this moving around isn’t great for them – I would be willing to consider a new permanent home for them if it was the right thing for them. I would love to be able to rehome them by the end of August if possible.

Please get in touch if you would like to help, or if you know anyone who can. Thanks so much.



Bouncer - 9 year old spotted bengal boy

We are reluctantly looking at rehoming our Bengal boy Bouncer to an experienced cat owner, preferably someone who has experience of the breed.

Bouncer is 9 years old spotted bengal and has been a member of our family since he was a kitten. He is a house cat and as such he would have to remain a house cat as he would wonder off or get run over if he was let out. The only exception to this would be if you lived in a remote area a long way from any road.

He is a very friendly boy with a larger than life personality. He is very affectionate and loves tickles and cuddles. He is also very energetic and needs plenty of play time. Bouncer is a very big boy and will require someone who can give him the time and attention he needs, unfortunately due to both of our jobs changing we no longer have the time to give him the attention he deserves.

Bouncer is good with other cats (we have three), he seems ok with dogs they don’t seem to scare him off, same with children. Not much seems to bother him he is very chilled and placid with most situations. We are looking at rehoming him because of late he has become unsettled at home and vocal. He just isn’t happy living here anymore and it isn’t fair on him or us, this isn’t a decision we have come to lightly.

I believe this is due to our new neighbours and their cats and a growing number of outside cats on our street. He has no health issues. We recently took him down to our vets who gave him a clean bill of health. Bouncer is not currently vaccinated due to him being a house cat.

Bouncer is micro chipped and we have all his papers. We are located in Haworth West Yorkshire,

Any questions please don’t hesitate to email me so we can exchange numbers



Sukey and Marley - 2 gorgeous bengal cats

We are looking to re-home our 2 gorgeous bengal cats - Sukey and Marley. They are brother and sister and are nearly 5 years old.

Its a real shame as we love them very much but we unfortunately cant give them the right care and attention any longer as have a baby daughter who likes to take up all out time and who likes to explore the cats litter trays.

They are both very soft and gentle, LOVE playing and enjoy summersaulting when chasing toys! They are perfect around our little girl and are very patient with her. They never expose their claws unless they are playing with toys.. and love cuddles on laps. They just need a loving caring home where they can get a bit more attention they crave.

At the moment they are house cats, but have been out and about also. Marley is the brother and is a little more sociable and confident than his sister Sukey. He is the one that will come up and "bark" for cuddles initially, then Sukey tentatively joins in and turns into a kitten rumbling with purrs! They love cuddling under a blanket on your lap.

Sukey is a little jumpy and it did take her a while to come out behind the sofa when we first brought them home. But with kindness and patience she appeared and was so affectionate. We actually bought them 3 years ago from a cat shelter and have all the paperwork necessary. They have lived with a dog before we had them - but I think it would be best not to mix with any other pets at this stage of their lives as would be too big a change.

We would prefer them to be taken together, bless them. So sad to give them away but it really would be the best for all of us. Please get in touch if you are interested to come and have a view. Thanks very much


Rosa and Amber 6 year old twins in need of a new home

Having split up with my partner, I have had to move back to Berkshire. The cats have stayed in Cambridgeshire, where they are happy and content. They have plenty of space and access to a cat proof garden each day.

Rosa and Amber are six years old, brown spotted and beautiful. They are fit and healthy and have been neutered but not Microchipped. They have been used to other cats and dogs.

Rosa is the larger of the two and the more chatty and affectionate, whilst Amber is slimmer and more reserved, liking her own space. They both love to play with their human companions and adore their food. Amber will take several days to settle in a new home and her new mum or dad will need to be sympathetic regarding this and let her have her space until she is ready.

Rosa will settle quite quickly. Although the twins are used to being out in the secure garden, I am sure they would adapt to living totally indoors again, providing they had plenty of owner interaction through play etc. and were given lots of love and affection.



izy needs to get busy

Izzy is a brown spotted 8-year-old ex-queen and she's been with us for about 3 years. She is very shy with new people, but is also affectionate and playful once you have gained her trust. She is a typically vocal, active bengal and loves to play with mice and wand-toys.

We have no other pets but she was kept with other bengals before coming to us, so could potentially go to a household with other cats.

She has access to our small garden in the evenings, but doesn't venture far and likes coming in and out a lot rather than spending long periods outdoors.

She does suffer from stress weeing, and this is one of the reasons we are looking to rehome her. She does it every now and again, usually after we have been on holiday (so is a behavioural rather than health issue) but recently there have been a few changes around the house and despite our best efforts to make them gradual she has started doing it again.

Rehoming her is a very hard decision for us, but I am expecting a baby soon and am already worried about leaving things on the carpet / sofa / chairs in case she decides to mark them. Long-term I think she would be far happier in a quiet home with no small children. She would make a lovely pet for someone in a stable home who can give her the love and attention she deserves. She is up to date with all her vaccinations. She has been spayed.


Hello Tracey,

I'm happy to report that we have now found a new home for Izzy locally, with a lovely older lady who clearly loves cats and who has promised to send us regular updates on how she's doing.

We visited her before taking Izzy over and she was happy for us to ask loads of questions - you hear so many horror stories about people selling cats on or worse that I wanted to make sure I was really happy with her.

Anyway - many thanks for posting her details to the site.
All the best Alison Flye


do you have the midas 'touch'?

Our brown spotted Bengal, Midas, is four years old, and extremely loving and healthy.

He is neutered and chipped, but not currently vaccinated. He is great with children and babies, un-fazed by dogs, and until recently has been fine in a multi- cat household. Over the last few months though, he has become increasingly bullying in his attitude to our two much smaller Tonkinese girls, who are quite elderly and frail.

He has also peed (strangely only on hard surfaces, never soft furnishings?) in their vicinity. We have tried pheromones, and even an implant to try to stop this, but it would seem that he needs to be a single cat now that he is mature.

He does get along fine with our big male Tonk though.

If anyone thinks they could give this very special boy a loving home.


male snow leopard bengal needs new home

Here are the details of my Bengal who I need to rehome.

He is a snow leopard , with blue eyes. He has a glitter coat and is very beautiful and healthy if a little cross eyed!. His name is Sonny though his pedigree name was Simba. He is about 4 years old.

I acquired him from a private household about 3 years ago, complete with his papers. After around 6 months he disappeared from home and we thought he was gone forever.After another 6 months I got a new kitten, a Burmese.

Then in February this year we got a call from our vet. Someone had brought him in and she had seen from his chip he was ours! It was an old man who had been feeding him who was very keen for us to take him home as he had two cats of his own. He was miles away from us so I have no idea how he got there!

We have tried since then to integrate him but although he is fine with our old cat aged 16, he will terrorise the younger cat. It seems to be a pattern as one of my neIghbours is complaining that he goes for her young female as well. Our other neighbour has three old cats and he never bothers them.

I feel it is all about being 'top cat'. We have tried everything and nothing works so sadly I want to move him on. He is fine with humans, very affectionate actually and fine with children.He is unafraid of the grandchildren and wants in on the action all the time!

He cuddles up to out old cat all the time and where Spike is Sonny is never far behind! If he would settle with the young cat I would keep him but he won't.

So if anyone is interested in giving him a good home I would be very grateful .

Happy to bring him some distance


dartmouth - rehoming needed urgently

I found your name on the Bengal Cat Club website. My wife Jennifer and I have found an amazing purebred Bengal and are trying to help find him a home.

We are New Yorkers, who have been staying in a garden flat near Hampstead Heath for several months. This spring, the Bengal came to our backdoor in rough shape: he was terribly skinny and was shivering. We took him in and got him food and a cat toy. He began coming to our flat every day to eat and play and is now doing much, much better.

Unfortunately we have to return to New York in 2.5 weeks and are eagerly trying to place him. We took him to our local Vet. She said he is neuteured and is most likely 2-3 years old. We had him scanned for a microchip and the Vet did not find one. We also put a collar on him with a note with our contact info attached in case he went to his home, but no one called us. The Vet said this means he does not have a home.

We named him Dartmouth. He is a beautiful animal. He's tall and lithe, with burnt orange and dark spots. Like a miniature leopard. He has a wonderful personality. He's very friendly, and curious. He'll come right up to you and tap you with his head and purr. He also likes to roll around on the floor on his back. And he even likes to poke around our shower.

Can you please help us give him a home? We would take him with us to our high rise flat in New York City, but we fear this is not an option. We have tried to keep him in our flat for extended periods and he gets very insistent about wanting to be outside. He likes to have access to nature. Most days he spends almost all his time outside before coming back to the flat. Occasionally he'll take a nap on our sofas, but he does need his outdoor time.

Can you please help? We want to find him a family because he's such a special creature.


please contact
Gabriel Sherman
on 020 7485 4872


can you help The National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford?

Two Bengal cats require rehoming asap.

Marble is a stunning and very vocal Bengal cat. Due to the nature of his breed he will need to be homed to an experienced owner with some knowledge of pedigree types.

Marble loves to sit on your lap for cuddles and is a real purr machine. If he is especially fond of you he will give you lovely kisses and nudges. He really enjoys playing with toys and snoozing in his favourite igloo bed.

We are looking to home him to adults or families with children aged 14 and above. As he enjoys company he would be best suited to someone who is around most of the day so that he doesn’t get lonely.

Marble does not like other cats and is frightened of dogs so will need to be homed on his own. He loves to explore so will require access to the outside.

As this breed is renowned for its hunting abilities it is recommended that he wear a collar with a bell.

Sonic is a stunning and very vocal Bengal cat. Due to the nature of his breed he will need to be homed to an experienced owner with some knowledge of pedigree types. Sonic can be a little shy around new people but with the help of his favourite fishing rod toy and some patience he is soon the playful cheeky boy we all know and love.

To say that Sonic loves his toys is a huge understatement, he can spend hours investigating cardboard boxes, throwing around toy mice and generally finding the fun in anything. After a hard day of playing he enjoys nothing better than finding a quiet spot to curl up in and has been found on more than one occasion all snuggled up under his blankets.

We are looking to home him to adults or families with children aged 14 and above. As he enjoys company he would be best suited to someone who is around most of the day so that he doesn’t get lonely. Sonic does not like other cats and is frightened of dogs so will need to be homed on his own. He loves to explore so will require access to the outside.

As this breed is renowned for its hunting abilities it is recommended that he wear a collar with a bell.

rehomed aug 2013



If you are interested in Re-homing Marble or Sonic please contact

The National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford
on 0208 950 0177 and choose option 2 for reception.

July 2013


2 year old beautiful blue eyed male snow bengal

I have a 2 year old beautiful blue eyed male snow bengal that needs sadly to be rehomed.

Sheriff is a very calm well behaved cat he has never scratched or bitten us or the furniture but he has decided he no longer wants to be anywhere near our other cat and both are stressed around each other.

He is very happy around us and other people, his vaccinations ,flee and worming are up to date, he is microchipped, neutered, and he had a health check at the vets this week he is in perfect health.

Please could someone give him a loving forever home with a nice garden and no other pets.

We live in Norfolk area.


Please contact Karen Appleton
Telephone: 01553670223
E-mail karen@appleton.adsl24.co.uk



Gizmo - 6 year old Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal

Gizmo is a Black Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal, he is a 6 year old neutered male and has been microchipped.

All his vaccinations are up to date and all his certificates are available. He has come from a home with 2 small children, however he can not be around other cats/animals as this makes him become rather stressed.

Gizmo is looking for a forever home with someone who will understand the quirks of a bengal. He loves playing with his little white mouse and his tunnel and especially loves dreamies cat treats. Photos don't really do justice to how beautiful his colourings are!

NOW REHOMED june 2013


8 year old tosca needs your attention

Tosca is an 8 year old spayed female currently in foster care for Stockport Cats Protection in Cheadle, Cheshire. She has been rehomed at least twice that we know of and she has become rather withdrawn because of this.

During her 6 months in foster care she has slowly developed into a playful, friendly girl who loves to roll on her back with a drinking straw and chase kittens! She needs a patient new owner who is ready to slowly bring her out of herself as she really is worth the wait..

Tosca is nervous of other cats but seems to make friends with younger females very easily. She is used to hugs and kisses from young children and has been known to tolerate cat- friendly dogs. She is affectionate and will sit on your lap for hours, she likes playing outdoors but never wanders far and can have a 'mad half hour' when you least expect it.

It's now time for Tosca to find her forever home.

If you are interested please contact Jacky
during the evening on 0161 439 1274.

A small adoption fee will apply.

NOW REHOMED june 2013




Fancy - (Full name Leander Fancy Free) Female, 10 years old, Spotted Bengal She's fine on her own, with a mature family.

Mojo - Marble Bengal - 6years old, Has a heart problem, but is on medication

Honey - Spotted Bengal - 6 years old (Sibling of Mojo, CANNOT BE SPLIT), has stress related incontinence, which does settle down as her stress levels lower, can take a few months though.

All these cats are neutered/spayed, chipped, vaccinated, with papers. Unfortunately the owner is going through a very hard time, and is desperately in need of good homes. Her "babies" need to be settled in lovely new home (s), than have to endure the stress of the problems at home also the imminent move. Which will be the inevitable outcome.

The owner would rather have them moved to a lovely new home, than have them stay where they are.

The owner needs to get them out soon. A welfare person has met the cats, and where they were lovely friendly cats before, since all this turmoil, they are not so happy.

Given time and the right new homes they will settle and become much loved pets as they are now.

The circumstances of this cry for help is genuine and very urgent.

NOW REHOMED june 2013

Please contact:
Gil Mathews
Manager KumfyKatz Rescue


"dave" needs a new home

It is with great regret that I am having to look for a new home for my Bengal


His name is Dave

He is a brown rosetted fifth Gen Male

Full pedigree with all his papers

3 years old (DoB Jan 2010)



Fully vaccinated



Brown Bengal young Boy in need of a family with NO other cats.

I run a small kitten and feral rescue from my home in South Essex, and usually only deal with moggies. However, I have found myself with a stray Bengal to rehome.

I wonder if you would be able to advertise him on your website please? He was found wandering in East London a few weeks ago. He is around one year old, neutered but not micro chipped.

I have checked with lost pets websites and the local vets to no avail, so am looking for a new home for him. He has a tail injury, which is receiving treatment and my vet says he will make a full recovery.

He is a very affectionate and very vocal boy, who loves fuss and attention. He doesn’t seem to like other cats much, there is no aggression just lots of hissing and spitting. He seems happier when there are no other cats around.

He does not seem bothered by dogs, and just ignores mine. I am looking for an experienced and indoor home for him. The new owners will have to have a home check. I am based in South Essex, but will travel a reasonable distance to find him the right home.

Update March 19th: A new home has now been found for this stray cat.


Thanks you
Jane Clayton


New Home Needed for two bengal cats.

Frasier and Niles are two 11 month old bengal cats who have been vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. They are both lively and friendly cats who love company and attention. They have a teriffic nature and are extremely affectionate.

They have spent their lives so far being able to go outside during the day and generally inside of an evening. It is with great regret that they need to be re-homed but due to a number of cats recently being shot and killed in the area, it is no longer safe for them to be outside and they are not happy without this freedom.

We have tried all alternatives but they miss the outdoors and are currently miserable. Due to the fact they are brothers and very close, we would want them to remain together in their new home.

updated: Both Cats are now living in new homes.

Frasier and Niles

A Male TWO-YEAR OLD Bengal cat
needing a new place to live

We have two friendly male cats who do not get on together now that they are older. We would like to rehome one of them. Both are micro-chipped, neutered, up to date with vaccines and able to be outside even in a busy part of London. They are very tolerant with children.

updated: The Cats are Now Living Happily In New Homes





Chester on the North Wales / Cheshire border
9year old Brown Spotted neutered boy needs to find his forever home. Very happy healthy boy, unforeseen circumstances




Cassie is THE most stunning Bengal cat!!

Update Aug 18th:
Hi there, Thankyou so much for advertising cassie on your website. We are pleased to say that cassie found a new home after being advertised with her best friend hench. So the advert is no longer needed. Thankyou for the support and helping these cats.

Suzie Thompson

She is 6 years old and a very confident cat, she would be ok rehomed with another cat, providing they were given the time to get used to each other properly!! She has not been around dogs so unsure how she would behave in this situation! She is neutered and will be fully vaccinated when coming to you!

This gorgeous girl is looking for a forever home, and is only for rehoming as her owner was unable to keep her due to changes in her rental contract at home!! This cat is currently in our fostering scheme awaiting her forever home!

She is being homed by a group called F.L.U.F.F. (feline lovers uniting feline friends). This is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to the safe rehoming of all cats and kitten that come into its care! This is the phone number of her foster mum who also runs the rescue- she tends to be very busy but if you leave a message on her answer phone she will get back to you I am sure.




Thomas is looking for a foster home whilst his human goes away for a while.Please can you help give this boy some love whilst his human is away??????

Thomas is a 5 year old neutered male Bengal cat, Microchipped, insured and very active. He needs space to run around and ideally a family that is around to play with him as he likes a lot of attention. He has never lived with a dog and I'm unsure how he would react. He does not like my sister's dog, but adores the Jack Russell next door to me that he has known since a puppy.

He's not great with other cats. I desperately need some help. I am going overseas until next April and urgently need to find someone to look after my lovely Thomas while I am away. He needs to be somewhere he can roam safely, he is not a good inside cat! I have exhausted all friends and family who cannot take him. I will be back and forth to the UK throughout but my house will be rented out so he cannot stay here.

The upshot is, ideally I'd like him fostered in either Surrey or Dorset / Devon so I can see him when I'm home. Can you think of anything I could do?



2 Brown Rosetted 15 years’ young brothers

The brothers have been taken on by a family member and are back living together now

In need of a forever home for their twilight years. – Must stay together as they have never been apart!

Both Bengal Boys are litter brothers and it is very important they go together having never been parted. Sadly their Breeder/Owner, Mrs Jean Gratton, has passed away. Both lads are very friendly and enjoy company, they enjoy living outside and would call for Jean to go down to visit them, which she did several times a day, spending a lot of time with them, brushing them, petting them and allowing them to roam about the garden, which they enjoyed. Both Boys are used to being outside in a sheltered run but like to roam about in the garden. Both lads are very gentle and enjoy company and will make idea pets for somebody who likes to cuddle and fuss over them.

They live in Lanarkshire, Scotland.





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